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Hi! My name is phantom. I've been on waterfall for a little bit and I need blogs to follow!

I post art and blog about my personal life.

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Critical Role (I still need to catch up on campaign 2, but I'm not afraid of spoilers)

General DND stuff



Drawfee/Cartoon Hell (do people talk about that? idk)

pretty aesthetics

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Steven Universe

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I'm also trying to keep this blog free of stressful content (I get enough of that everywhere else), so if you post a lot of discorse, difficult news, sad stories (etc) I'd rather you avoid this. Some stuff is fine, but again I'm not looking to overwhelm myself.

This is the Baskin' Robbins Popping Shower Chocolate

I did not recognize the flavor of the chocolate (which is based on a popular ice cream in Japan called popping shower), but it did taste familiar.

Even with the name I did not expect the popping to happen. There were little crystals much like pop rocks in the chocolate which gave a fun and surprising sensation.

This was a very fun experience.


Festival sign Choco

It is a small piece of chocolate. It is good chocolate, but there isn't anything much to it beside the shape.

7/10 its chocolate

Gummy kiss

A yummy cherry Gummy. It has that good gummy texture I like. Not much more to say. Wish there was more


Isabel and tom nook say hi

Rilakkuma Red gummy

First I think it is interesting that this was just called red as the other option I could have gotten was green apple which is an actual flavor not just a color.

That aside this was a tasty gummy. I love gummies. A good strawberry flavor. I wish they would give their gummies the amount they give their hard candy or chips.

8/10 I want more

Haven't drawn my dragonsona as an icon in a long long time.

August Tokyo Treat box! I think there are still a couple july treats in the queue. Either way I'll start queuing up this box soon!

Its my last treat box for awhile 😔 but I need to be more careful with my money

My family :3

I made this on my phone in about an hour. I spent a lot of time redoing the lines on my character and then decided that I'll stick with the black outline

I feel slightly better than I did yesterday. I still have a headache but it is less pronounced. At least my gut is cooperating

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I got the itch to draw Drea in a cute cheerleader outfit, so here she is! Also wanted an excuse to draw shiny fabric lol

Commissions are open!

I don't feel good. Kinda nauseous. My intestines also don't feel great. I had some gyros yesterday with Tzatziki sauce and we think that's the culprit.

wyvern-king -

Sooo youtube is taking and undoing community captions which destroys accessibility for foreign audiences and especially for deaf and hard of hearing people and are now trying to bleed content creators dry of their money by saying 'pay our third party providers if you want captions/translations' so like.

when is thell gonna pull through and make a better youtube that's free for everyone and actually good for a community of content creators?

thellere -

My sibling just met Veth and they are freaking out

Spouse is on the phone with their dad and it has escalated to yelling. This happens a lot. Spouse doesn't have a lot of patience for their parents and they don't show any respect to spouse. We have to interact with them a lot because spouse works with their dad and their dad is helping out house with construction.

But really their dad is just bad at communication and thinks his way of thinking is the best no matter what. But spouses mom thinks she's the hot shot smartest person in the room, and she's very manipulative.

Both of them are kind and respectful to me, but the way they treat my spouse and the stories I've heard makes me very upset

babushka -

hey i know this stuff doesn't work but if you wanna sign the petition ( against the russian anti trans law and spam the comments with "trans rights" you're more than welcome here

leparom -

it does work. sometimes. good luck!!!!!

This is my 7th art fight attack

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my 8th art attack. I'm super proud of how this came out

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I made focaccia! It is very good. I used garlic salt instead of regular salt for flavor ~