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Hi! My name is phantom. I've been on waterfall for a while and I need blogs to follow!

I post art and blog about my personal life.

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I'm also trying to keep this blog free of stressful content (I get enough of that everywhere else), so if you post a lot of discorse, difficult news, sad stories (etc) I'd rather you avoid this. Some stuff is fine, but again I'm not looking to overwhelm myself.

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Put up my Sailor Moon collection πŸŒ™

A little fennec fox i saw at the zoo today! It was very small

Okay i know no one on here listens to Dungeons and Daddies but i need to write out this theory i have.

I think Ron is a dog, like literally. I dont think Willie had a human kid. I think he got and raised a dog. But then he died and realized that the ultimate form of power was daddy magic. So he used his abilities to turn his dog into a human and messed with Ron's memory enough to make him think he was a man.

This would explain everything. Why did Samantha think she was getting a dog and it was actually a himan man? Why does Ron have memory troubles or understanding concepts that most adults would easily grasp. Based on the fact that he is a business man who is good at business you would think hed have a grasp on something with the world.

Now i also headcannoned that Ron is autistic. That was easy for me to see and jump on. But the more he talks About his life and who he is the more i think he is a dog that turned into a man. He keeps emphasizing that he Is a MAN (also could be a trans headacannon, but with how shitty and abusive Willie was/is i doubt he would have treated Ron like a boy if that wasnt his assigned gender....unless Willie super wanted a boy and forced him into that roll?? Idk.)

Reasons Ron is a dog:

I like him

As far as i know Willie never got married/we never hear about Ron's mom.

I dont know how a woman would have "relations" with Willie, keep the kid, and then give him said kid. I suppose it is still possible? But thats gross and i dont want to think about it.

Ron's wife found him at a pound and thought he was a dog which she brought back to her son because he was mourning the loss of his dad.

Ron doesnt know what sex is. This is cannon. He thinks shaking hands or hugging is "the sex".

Ron has trouble relating to everyone, but very much wants love and affection.

Is super loyal

Likes dogs

Called himself a dog person once im pretty sure

Did i mention that his Wife thought he was a dog when she met him??? And they just say oh hes great at acting???

Will eat just about anything

Reasons Ron isnt a dog:

A lot of the stuff above can be attributed to the abuse and trauma he suffered at Willie's hands.

Also he shows lots of autistic traits.

Also could be trans?

I keep seeing this cute black cat around and twice it has come over for pets! Ive started calling the cat Pumpkin in my head. It is both friendly and skittish. Like it seems to like people but doesnt want you to make any moves.

Ive started listening to the magnus archives

Good morningπŸ’« everyone! I hope you are having a lovely day ❀

Polar bear Cafe's intro song is one of my favorites.

Hit me with that Boku ni invitation

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Chase the Stars

A story about space, aliens, humans, and science(?) in the 22nd Century

Chase the stars (Chapter 1, Draft 1, WIP)

bee make half chapter 1 online now c:

beefox -


Bee use program call twine! let make stories where click link and what click go diffrent place!

Got inspired by someone's art on twitter soooooo

I drew a girl in bi colors <3

Sabella Fire-Soul and Bryn Aiden Blaire comics. For some reason I never snanned the second one, that's why it looks so shitty.

Out of all the character relationships I've created over the years, Sabella and Bryn probably have my favourite dynamic. My Disaster-Platonic-Soulmates <3

And in case anyone can't read the dialogue:

First panel:

Sabella: "You! You're the one that's been doing this!"

Bryn: "Uhhh...What?"

Second panel:

Bryn: I was really looking forward to that movie. Do you think we could go tomorrow?"

Third panel:

Bryn: "Disconnect you stupid bastard!!"

Sabella, on the phone: "You're still connected Bryn."

Bryn: *incoherent cursing*

Sabella: "Still connected..."

Fourth panel:

Bryn, singing: "Silver bells, Silver bells..."

Sabella, continuing to sing: "It's Christmas time in the city..."

First panel, second page:

Bryn: "My name's Bryn, if you were wondering."

Sabella: "I wasn't."

Second panel:

Bryn: "My name is Bryn Blaire, but everyone thinks it's Bryan Blaine."

Sabella: "Ooo, sounds frustrating."

Third panel:

Bryn: "How am I supposed to go anywhere with you when you refuse to dress up?"

Sabella: "We're not going to a five-star restaurant, Bryn, we're going to a bar."

Fourth panel:

Bryn: "Hi Sabella!"

Sabella: "RUN YOU IDIOT!"

I said I was going to post about being bi/demi romantic forever ago. I need to do that soon, but we are going to start dnd in less than an hour so it will have to be another time.

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aromantics!! @fallow help!

i know that some asexuals are actively sex-repulse but others are fine with it. the question is - are aromantics romance-repulsed? what kind of physical activity do you find repulsing? Kissing? Holding hands? When someone uses the romance-related words about your relationships?

I hope none of thks sounds offensive, i geniunely need to know!

phantomflame03 -

Demi romantic here! I have a couple things to say under the cut

I absolutely hate being flirted with. I dont have a problem with it being directed at other people but any situation involving flirting that concerns me makes me uncomfortable. Even in dnd it is very difficult for me to accept flirty behavior towards my character. I dont like romantic comedies or "chick flicks". The only time ive been comfortable with romance is with my spouce and that took like over a year of knowing him.

We had our first kiss many months after we started dating.

I know there are different people on the aro spectrum that feel differently, but that is my experience.

My kid knows how to get through the baby proof locks πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ hes 15 months

Saikik has mor episodes!!!

Yay! Perf drunk show :D

Also i mafe ramen and its soooo good. Its instant but lile fancy instant >:3c

Guess who haf alvphoooool! Honey vodka and apple cider. Sweet and woooohoooooo

Im a litl drunk :3c

Got inspired by someone's art on twitter soooooo

I drew a girl in bi colors <3

last thing for now lol, lil stickers of my sona for my carrd and socials

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Blake - Commission

A commission I did for @sidh