art tag is #the dragon draws Baby tag is #hatchling

About Me

26 she/her Bi woman? (gender is weird)

Trying out the Name Kenneth. Can also call me Phantom.

im demi-romantic

I draw and write poetry

I'm a new mom. You can find me talking about my baby under the tag #hatchling

My general text tag is #the dragon speaks

My art tag is #the dragon draws

I reblog art, aesthetics, and funny text posts, and the occasional fandom post.

I also love to bake/cook. I post every text post with food as #food mention and every picture with food as just #food or #food tw

If you want the recipe of anything I make go ahead and ask!

I'm open for questions

You can reblog my post unless stated otherwise

I'm trying to make this blog a safe relaxing place for me. If you want discourse and important events check out my tumblr under the same name. You shouldn't see anything stressful on this blog.

If you need something specific tagged just ask me! No tag or trigger warning is too much or too weird.