art tag is #the dragon draws Baby tag is #hatchling

About Me

Work in progress


-Tabaxi monk

-lawful evil

-was in a gang

-ex boxer

-ugly as hell

-no morals


Marigold (Previous DnD character)

-Circle of the Spores Druid

-Squirrel shifter

-childish, impulsive, cursed

Thiara (previous DnD character)

-Second in command in scouting group for kingdom's army

-Team mom, done with your shit, trying toprevent everyone from killing themselves

-Wood Elf


Arthia (Mirror version of Thiara)

-Bard of Glamour (basically a rock star)

-Wood Elf

-Friends with the enemy (Fuck you Trick)

-instrument of choice: Electric guitar

-Vendor is best Robot!!!

Feather Dream

-pony OC


-pink fur

-black and white mane/tail


-lost her ability to feel emotions after getting her cutie mark due to weird magic junk that I keep changing lol


-Goddess of Justice (the justice system)

-eyeless and blind

-pointy teeth heck ya!

-loves to meddle in mortal affars

-Hates liars

-On again Off again with Feiht the Goddess of Luck

-short red hair that flips up at the end


-Goddess of luck

-and gambling

-takes bets very seriously

-long blue hair

-6 eyes with different number of pupils ranging 1-6

-its dice...her eyes are dice

Captain Kane 💖💖💖

-Bi pirate captain

-trash mom

-loves her crew

-her wife was a mermaid turned human


-absolute idiot

-I love here


-Captain Kane's wife

-was a mermaid. Now a human

-quick whit

-cooler than the Captain's ex


-Non-binary ace and aro

-pirate doctor

-smart calm and holder of the only braincell

-well dressed, clean, spiffy