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About Me

Hi! My name is phantom. I've been on waterfall for a little bit and I need blogs to follow!

I post art and blog about my personal life.

Interact with this post if you blog about

Critical Role (I still need to catch up on campaign 2, but I'm not afraid of spoilers)

General DND stuff



Drawfee/Cartoon Hell (do people talk about that? idk)

pretty aesthetics

digital art


Steven Universe

Night Vale

I'm also trying to keep this blog free of stressful content (I get enough of that everywhere else), so if you post a lot of discorse, difficult news, sad stories (etc) I'd rather you avoid this. Some stuff is fine, but again I'm not looking to overwhelm myself.

I've got bread in the oven. A baby asleep in his crib and a clean sink (only one dirty bowl). My brain is a little fried from editing but otherwise I feel good.

phantomflame03 -

Just did some content editing for my dad's book. He's actually going to pay me, so that's nice.

phantomflame03 -

What is nice about it is that my dad IS a professional editor and publisher. This is his second book (I didn't help with the first one). I'm happy I could help him out, but also I'm glad with how well he took my edits and opinions.

It would be nice to do this professionally, but it takes so much time and effort that I don't know how well it would work. Plus there aren't many people I'd feel comfortable just ripping up their baby project that they have been working on for so long.

I've done a little editing before but nothing to this scale.I've never been THIS involved before.

It was fun

Do you ever just accidentally make soup?


My Tiefling dnd character Matches. She is a fanatical light cleric who worships the sun. She heals people with fire and is a bit of a pyromaniac.


My beautiful orc dnd oc if she had lived to be old

Some cute elf girl. Light and shading practice

Ghost besties!

I've noticed Vivian and Lady Bow are fan favorites in the Paper Mario community! They're super cute so I thought I'd draw them together ^^

Purple jellyfish

I made a jellyfish. I wish it looked better. They are so pretty. But I tried

Trickster in the moon

Remember Doopliss busting through the moon? I sure do

Uhh,I've been having a major headache the last few days. :(

Is it a lack of sleep? Is it dehydration? Is it stress? Is it *whisper* covid? Who knows? Not me

Blue jellyfish

I really like jellyfish. The only difference between these drawings is the background

Went with a cleaner simpler look. Trying to get a handle on drawing them

KitKat Citrus Mint

A different combo than I'm used to eating. Usually the idea of mixing citrus with mint is a big turnoff, but this actually works. The citrus is subtler than I would have liked. The flavors don't happen together, but instead burst out one after the other. The mint is very strong.


Moon jellyfish

Love moon jellyfish. Super cute. Decided to make this one a bit experimental. I just really like jellyfish. Little squishy friends

Marukawa Orange Gum

Much like last month's grape flavored gum I am happy to say this was satisfying to chew. I decided to pop all 4 into my mouth.

The orange flavor is very artificial. It reminds me of the orange tictacs. I like it. Yum :3


Minty Animals: Panda

A very cute container with a prize inside. The mints have a slight citrus taste to them. To be honest the candy itself was a 5/10. But the container was very cute, plus I got a sticker!

7/10 I like cute things

Japanese Squid Cracker

It is a simple cracker with a squid flavor. Not much to write home about


Corn potage bites

The "regular" version to the texas one. I think I like this one better. There is a little more flavor and seasoning.

Not bad, although there is something about it that is putting me off...oh well


Pink jellyfish

I think I'm just going to keep drawing jellyfish

Green jellyfish

I made a messy boy

artfight piece for my friend Ellteo of their oc fenri

Orange jellyfish

Feeling bad. Drawing jellyfish to cope

ive been doing pixel stuff of/on dappervolk!