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If anyone was thinking about checking out Centaurworld, this is me officially begging you to do it. It's so good. I'm always skeptical going into series intended for children, but this one is not something I'd explicitly (from an adult standpoint) consider being "for kids" given some topics mentioned. But it is very very fun. The characters are genuinely funny and wacky in a way that appeals to millenial style humor, there's actual character developement that doesn't feel forced. Also the story is pretty compelling, especially when you consider what you're fucking watching.

Anyway, if youre a person who hasn't even heard of Centaurworld? I implore you to check it out as well.


I loved it! Such a fun show. The songs are amazing!

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I've been really curious and I need to go check it out now for sure

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They really are! And I am usually a person who loathes regular musical numbers in p much every medium and these seemed so well written and performed. Theres some cheesy moments but they don't over do it and they use it to push the narrative and foreshadow like a champ. its great.

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I loved it! Such a fun show. The songs are amazing!

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