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A new challenger approaches!

Meet Willow (They/Them)! They're my newest sona that i love dearly.

I included some quick (not so good) doodles that i did initially to get the idea out of my head. And, well, it evolved past that into a full-blown picture ❤

I based them off a femme-leaning nonbinary flag i found and vibed with (bc it me).

[Image description; first image is of a white rabbit with purple hair and floppy purple ears with pink on the inside. Purple spots on their arms as well. Yellow eyes with a yellow heart right next to their left eye. Their hair is a short bob and the ear hangs down past the shoulders. They're wearing a t-shirt with the femme-leaning nonbinary flag colors on it and gray sweatpants. They have a silver nose ring, lip piercing, star studs in both ears and 2 ring earrings at the very bottom of the left ear. A black choker with a silver moon pendant is on their neck, a gold bracelet on the left wrist and black elastic on the right. They are smiling and have their right hand out as if mid-conversation.

Second image is of 3 sketches of the same character, not colored. Top left corner has a shocked expression, top right is more of a "excuse me?" or "wtf" expression, and the bottom one they look a little surprised with blush lines going across the cheeks.

End description]

my old tablet's USB port broke during the move and i was gonna wait until my birthday to replace it for myself but now i have a lot of inside time and i just want to draw

[id: two digital drawings of rose and roxy lalonde from homestuck. rose is a dark skinned Black girl with bright purple coily hair tied back with a gold bandana. she is wearing a dark blue gradiant long sleeve crop top and matching leggings, a purple and yellow gradiant skirt and dark purple flats. she is reclined back, legs crossed, set against a muted pink background. roxy is a medium brown skinned Black girl with bright pink coily hair. she is wearing a dark green ruffled crop top, a dark pink skirt, black and green leg warmers and bright pink and green sneakers. she is lying on her side, and is set against a bright green background.]

its cha girls

This is a really old drawing but I'm gonna start doodling this character again so I wanted to upload this art of her. She's non-binary and loves tea. She sadly doesn't have a name yet though so if you have any ideas lemme know.

it's a little rough, but ehh.

this is from waaay back in may during mermay. didn't have this thing called internet at the time.