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I keep seeing this cute black cat around and twice it has come over for pets! Ive started calling the cat Pumpkin in my head. It is both friendly and skittish. Like it seems to like people but doesnt want you to make any moves.

The Abandoned Mansion

[We had a new set of prompts in the Aermerea Discord, and I decided to go with the "Haunted House" prompt and put my own Minecraft twist on it!

Michael and Marcel decide to check out an "abandoned" Woodland Mansion. ;D]

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I wanted to reblog this comic I did over on my Minecraft OC blog, because I'm laughing so hard at it and I love it so much!

WIP for a character I'm working on!

She doesn't have a name yet, though..

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If you have any name suggestions lmk!

He's perfectly happy to sit half on my shoulder, half on the chair back, just to see out the window lol

Oh my, it’s been a while since the last time i drew them

[ID: A warm halfbody digital artwork of Lup and Barry from The Adventure Zone: Balance. The artwork is in warm tones. Lup is brown and has wavy brown hair tied into a ponytail. She wears a black blouse, golder earrings and golden bracelets. Barry is white and has brown hair and brown eyes. He’s in a red robe and a white shirt. They are both standing in front of the viewer. Lup leans her hands and head on Barry's head as she stands behind him and smiles with her eyes closed. Barry stands with both of his hands up, with left he touches Lup's cheek and in right he holds a bouquet of abstract red flowers which dissolves into the air around them. He looks up at her with a loving grin. There is a bit of small swirling lights surrounding the characters. Background is light green and gray strokes of paint and a swirl of red petals. End ID]

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Denver Zoo

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Squirelly Pin-Up

No idea where this came from. Pretty girls are the easiest thing for me to draw when I'm in a slump.

just some gals being pals

this didn't really get that much attention when i posted it to ChickenSmoothie so i wanted to post it here too!!

the one on the left is named Phyllis, the one on the right is named Opal, and they're two OCs i've treasured for years but am only just drawing as they were primarily used in writing before! they're dating but they do it secretly, because Phyllis is best friends with a guy named Zachary but Zachary and Opal are bitter rivals (they work at the same coffee shop and they constantly try to outdo each other in their art). so Phyllis is worried that Zachary would be upset at her if he knew she was dating Opal, and while Opal doesn't get it she understands that it's important to her girlfriend, so she respects her desire to keep the relationship hidden!

aaaaaa i love these OCs so so much i can ramble about them for ages!!!

Sakura Mochi Chocolate

I don't know how to feel about this. It is tasty. But I'm having trouble recognizing the flavor profile. I'm not used to the floral sakura flavor.And the Mochi texture is interesting in the chocolate. It is not bad or off putting, but it is rich and I don't think I could eat a bunch in one sitting


painted some starter pokemon for my mom! made a lil tiktok process video too >X<

Hello Kitty Sakura Candy

Yummy hard candy in the shape of sakura blossoms. They come in the flavors Cherry, Apple, and Orange.

The apple is a tasty green apple flavor. It is not sour and it makes your mouth water.

I'll report with the other flavors as I have them

Draw ocs as villagers for that sweet serotonin

My Wife is a Cryptid Prologue page 4

What would you do if you need a cryptid in the middle of the woods

Tabitha aka Tabby Final

Sorry for the Tabby Spam, but again I'm not.

Image Description: a ink an marker drawing of a heavy set cat-woman who is dressed in a button up shirt, pinstripe pants, and a red tie and belt. Her skin is pale pink, and her tail and hair are the same stripped brown.

i keep telling myself to stop drawing wooper and then 2 min later im drawing wooper