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Upsetting content under the cut

I checked out a book from my library

It said it was a lesbian story about a girl falling for a princess. The book is only 30 pages long. I started it and the first 3 pages (at least) were about her parents.... a 17 year old girl who seduces a 40 year old man, because reasons?? She liked his name i guess? Anyway not reading that book. Like you only have 30 min to tell a lesbian story and you are wasting 3+ pages on pedophilia nonsense? ?? Gross

My stomach hurts and I need to poop a lot. I don't know why :(. Maybe it is because of the alcohol i had??? It was just a hard lemonade though. Maybe it is my period. I haven't started it yet. Maybe it is the olive bread I made and have been eating. I don't know why though. Maybe its because I didn't eat much during the day and then had a big dinner. Who knows!

Maybe its just that I'm 27 and so randomly getting body issues because of age.

Putting my baby's footses under the cut

Look at those little toes 😍

I shared a political post on Facebook and my aunt (different aunt from one I've mentioned before) commented. I haven't even looked at it and I'm shaking. She has very bad political ideas (ie she voted for Trump) and I don't want to know what she said.

Spouse left for a few days (they left yesterday) and I'm already in a low emotional funk. I know its bad to have your entire emotional support centered on one person, but I've always had strong attachment issues. They will be home Friday night, so it won't be too long. I've been trying to keep busy. Cleaning, making baby food, crocheting, and other things.

My dad wants me to review his book. And I still need to do my studies. I've basically given up on art fight, but at least I did some stuff already.

I'm feeling overwhelmed. Oh ya and since I live in America Covid is still terrorizing everything and school is about to start back up.

Hey, I've made my nsfw blog. You have to ask for it off anon if you want to follow.

This way I can keep my main blog more sfw. So I'll be reblogging any nsfw or super sugestive art to that blog. I will also post my own art if I make them there.

Anyway I didn't respond to the comment on my project especially since she commented on my friend's comment thread.

And I told her that I play with him all the time for the one asking if I spend time with my son.

Here is hoping she doesn't continue the convo

Uuuuhg my aunt is so annoying. Everything she says comes off passive aggressive.

I posted my recent yarn project and joked that I would have finished it sooner if I wasn't interrupted by the baby all the time.

And she commented that he was my Actual job.

Then on another post she asked if I ever got into his playpen to play with him (on a post where I literally had a picture of him while I was in his play area with him.) And then she asked if I ever knit with him.

  1. I don't knit. And I've told her that I crochet many times, but why would she bother listening to me

  2. I'm not going to let my 1 year play with yarn? He could strangle himself??

  3. Also he's one? He wouldn't be able to do the complex movements of knitting or crocheting?

  4. Are you really implying that I don't play with my kid????

  5. Even if he is my main "job" (fuck you for reminding me I lost my job) I am still allowed to have hobbies

Anyway this has been my rando complaint about my abusive aunt

Kind of want to make a nsfw blog where I can post and repour nsfw art. I want to keep this blog safe for minors, but I'm also not sure if I want to make a whole other blog when I hardly use my mind blog.

Like maybe I could convert my kin blog into my nsfw blog. Idk...there has been some art I've seen that I haven't repoured because I feel weird having it on my main. Plus there have been times when I've wanted to draw some nsfw art but I couldn't commit.

I have a lot to think about

my baby is so sad rn :( He has two teeth coming in and there isnt anything I can do to help him

he needs to sleep. but he keeps crying. When I go in to comfort him he gets more upset.

He keeps calling for me.

He should have been asleep over an hour ago

uhg. Im in so much pain

Kind of want to try out a new name. Don't even know if I'll stick with it. Not going to tell anyone in person/real life. I'd just try it out here


Watching Queer Eye because Im in a low mood again. I remembered there was a new season out. It is the first timeI've been able to focus on something in awhile

Not at all related to the previous posts

I have a kin blog on here but I don't really use it and I kind of want to move my stuff over here. Since people seem pretty kin friendly on this site....I've just always kept my main blog and kin blog separate. I have anxiety of even letting people know about this part of me and I feel weird posting this....idk

I love my sister but she puts not even the bare minimum into our relationship. it took her a month to get her old key to me (and it required me to go to her place and fish it out of her mail box. She didn't even meet me at the door)

Now I have her w2 and last paycheck (from December) and I've said multiple times that she can come overover. She says she will and can but its been 4 hours.

She lives 5 min drive from me.

I'm the one who keeps reaching out. I'm the one who has what she needs and she is still not doing anything.

The not worst thing today was that a child spilled milk all over my new shoes.

The worst thing is I think I lost my w2

And that's not all

Long ass post under the cut

Y'all I love my husband so much. 😍 he is so good to me. So he's been playing this MMORPG lately and having tons of fun while making friends.

I don't know anything about the game except what he tells me. Meaning he could do anything on there and id be none the wiser.

Today he told me that there is a possibility that and rp romance could happen in the game and said that if that made me uncomfortable he would shut down any attempts made for his character.

I told him that as long as the other person knew he was married and that their relationship was just a fun fake relationship I was okay with it.

He asked me a couple more times if I was okay (because I tend to just go with whatever at first) but I am.okay with it. This is because he told me.

If he had kept it a secret and just acted on his own I would have been hurt, but he wanted my trust and my blessing to allow this possibility.

And I really appreciate it. Besides his online buds think he is a stay at home mom because his character is a girl anyways so they won't even know him as the person he is.

I know this might seem like a low bar, but my husband has always been honest with me in our relationship as well as been very respectful of my boundaries.

I just love him so much 😍😭 plus I know I'm the only one he's ever really looked at for a long term relationship.

My current phone lock screen.