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This is the Baskin' Robbins Popping Shower Chocolate

I did not recognize the flavor of the chocolate (which is based on a popular ice cream in Japan called popping shower), but it did taste familiar.

Even with the name I did not expect the popping to happen. There were little crystals much like pop rocks in the chocolate which gave a fun and surprising sensation.

This was a very fun experience.


Festival sign Choco

It is a small piece of chocolate. It is good chocolate, but there isn't anything much to it beside the shape.

7/10 its chocolate

Gummy kiss

A yummy cherry Gummy. It has that good gummy texture I like. Not much more to say. Wish there was more


Rilakkuma Red gummy

First I think it is interesting that this was just called red as the other option I could have gotten was green apple which is an actual flavor not just a color.

That aside this was a tasty gummy. I love gummies. A good strawberry flavor. I wish they would give their gummies the amount they give their hard candy or chips.

8/10 I want more

I made focaccia! It is very good. I used garlic salt instead of regular salt for flavor ~

KitKat Citrus Mint

A different combo than I'm used to eating. Usually the idea of mixing citrus with mint is a big turnoff, but this actually works. The citrus is subtler than I would have liked. The flavors don't happen together, but instead burst out one after the other. The mint is very strong.


Marukawa Orange Gum

Much like last month's grape flavored gum I am happy to say this was satisfying to chew. I decided to pop all 4 into my mouth.

The orange flavor is very artificial. It reminds me of the orange tictacs. I like it. Yum :3


Minty Animals: Panda

A very cute container with a prize inside. The mints have a slight citrus taste to them. To be honest the candy itself was a 5/10. But the container was very cute, plus I got a sticker!

7/10 I like cute things

Japanese Squid Cracker

It is a simple cracker with a squid flavor. Not much to write home about


Corn potage bites

The "regular" version to the texas one. I think I like this one better. There is a little more flavor and seasoning.

Not bad, although there is something about it that is putting me off...oh well


Strawberry Daifuku

A yummy strawberry marshmallow filled with a strawberry filling. I like this a lot. Sweet. Good flavor. Good soft texture.

8/10 would like some more

Poriky Corn

A biscuit with a corn coating. It is so interesting having corn be the flavor instead of the base of these snacks. It is definitely not something I'm used to. Tasty and different.


Salty popcorn

Thats what it is. No Extra flavors. Just salty popcorn

Umaibō lemon

This was soooo good. The corn puff cruch with a delicious lemon coating. The lemon tasted like the lemonhead candy. I could not stop myself from eating the whole thing. I was not expecting it to be so good

9/10 wow

Sakura Oreos

Yum 😍 the cookie is thin and the cream is not much, but its so tasty. The sakura cream is a welcomed new experience in my oreo. Not too sweet. Not bland. Just the right amount.

9/10 I bet my spouse will love it

Lemon squid snacks

A tasty lemon treat. A good mix of sour (yes actual sour) and salt. Not much more to say.


Pudding marshmallow

It is a marshmallow with a pudding center! Yummy tasty, I enjoyed this little snack


Chibi Maru Chocolate

Inside this little package are two m&m sized chocolates. And much like an m&m it is chocolate covered in a candy shell.

It is good and tasted better than m&m's but I was sad that there were only 2 in the bag

7/10 tasty but not enough

Okonomiyaki snacks

So I'm not a big fan of actual okonomiyaki, but I was interested to try this.

Behold my favorite corn puff medium. It has a dusted flavoring which sets it apart from the other corn snacks I've had. It is savory, and the amount that came in the bag is just right.

7/10 okay, but I won't go out of my way to get it

Maukawa Grape Gum

I was surprised to see that this box had TWO gums available. And I'm a lot happier with this gum than the previous.

The container has 4 small gumballs. And while the amount is less than the previous gum I had before, these small ones are individually more enjoyable.

First the grape taste is fantastic and lingers for a while for a piece of gum so small.

There is a good chew, and while it isn't enough for blowing bubbles i bet if you had all four together you could get one.


Grape Ball

Like last months Apple flavored one this wasn't too bad, but I would have preferred a gummy over a jelly.

Still for what it was it tasted good. It was a quick pleasant experience