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Okay, I know I'm literally 6 years too late but lyricstuck of "High school never ends" called "Homestuck never ends"

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my piece for ladystuck2020! Bunnyknickers wanted "SPACE ROXY" and im here to deliver :D

[id: two digital drawings of rose and roxy lalonde from homestuck. rose is a dark skinned Black girl with bright purple coily hair tied back with a gold bandana. she is wearing a dark blue gradiant long sleeve crop top and matching leggings, a purple and yellow gradiant skirt and dark purple flats. she is reclined back, legs crossed, set against a muted pink background. roxy is a medium brown skinned Black girl with bright pink coily hair. she is wearing a dark green ruffled crop top, a dark pink skirt, black and green leg warmers and bright pink and green sneakers. she is lying on her side, and is set against a bright green background.]

its cha girls

Thinking about when I wore my homestuck Derse pjs to work and my coworker asked if it was from an anime

Its pajama day for my class so I wore my Durse pjs! Secretly cosplaying is one of my fave things to do

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[This girl is more than what meets the eye. ]( "Junipa - La Diabella )

Hi! My name is phantom. I've been on waterfall for a while and I need blogs to follow!

I post art and blog about my personal life.

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I'm also trying to keep this blog free of stressful content (I get enough of that everywhere else), so if you post a lot of discorse, difficult news, sad stories (etc) I'd rather you avoid this. Some stuff is fine, but again I'm not looking to overwhelm myself.