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naiad -

It's been a long time since I've drawn something that I actually thought was kinda cute ❤️

Got inspired by someone's art on twitter soooooo

I drew a girl in bi colors <3

last thing for now lol, lil stickers of my sona for my carrd and socials

Druid Tabaxi

Wanted to draw a tabaxi for once!

"Are you sure that's a good knife? You know what, I'll try."

"You will wha - ? PUT THAT DOWN !"

my first art fight attack of the year, @nikromancer's cute merboy norik! :)

@idioticsilverware thank you for the suggestion!

Episode 4 - HOME (Sailor Moon Space)

𝕆pening ✶𝔼nding

(written by Jessieee)

Sailor Guardians walk forward through the empty streets, getting closer to the giant crystal, which they assume is the control center. It's getting darker, and the moon is out already. Cats follow them.

They stop before the factory entrance. The crystal is growing through its roof, shattered concrete pieces are lying all around.

Artemis: We can't follow you there.

Luna: Be careful, Sailor Guardians!

Cats watch Sailor Guardians approach the factory entrance. The entrance is blocked with big black rocks. Suddenly, one of the rocks lifts in the air and attacks the Guardians.

Luna: Watch out!

Sailor Venus: Crescent Beam Shower!

Golden beams shield the Guardians and shatter the rock into pieces. Those pieces then turn around to attack the girls from behind. Mercury turns quickly.

Sailor Mercury: Bubble Spray!

Each piece of rock is captured in a bubble. They stop in the air and fall on the ground. Mercury puts on her visor and looks around to catch the attack source.

Sailor Mercury: It's remotely controlled by those two peaks, watch out!

Sailor Venus: Mars, Jupiter!

Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter: Got it!

Sailor Mars: Fire Soul Bird!

Sailor Jupiter: Supreme Thunder Dragon!

Mars and Jupiter's attacks destroy two crystal peaks.

Sailor Moon: Everyone, you did great!

Sailor Mars: Still got it.

The entrance is cleared. Sailor Guardians enter the factory. It's dark inside, and the footsteps echo as they walk. The only light in the room is the moonlight shining through the door and the shattered windows.

Sailor Venus: We need to find the controls.

Sailor Mercury: I'm going to search for the- What?..

(art by Jessieee)

The image on her glasses becomes noisy and disappears. All of the Mercury’s electronics had shut down.

Sailor Mars: There is a dark aura here. A special type of energy must be interfering with electricity.

Suddenly, the doors slam shut behind them. A figure of Ria appears in the distance.

Ria: Oh, you've finally arrived.

Sailor Mars: Mars Flame Sniper!

Sailor Venus: Mars, wait! That is...

The burning arrow passes right through Ria.

Ria: Oh, stop with the useless attacks. It's not me, it's barely a projection. You really fall for everything I do, don't you? Listen. Your planet will fall. There's nothing you can do to prevent it, so give up right now!

Sailor Moon: Never! Hurting innocent people is never okay! Show yourself, you villain, and prepare to be punished by pretty guardians in sailor suits! I, Sailor Moon, will stop you in the name of the Moon!

Ria: You want me to show myself? I could, but first... Take this!

The ground underneath Sailor Guardians starts to glow, and walls of light appear around them. Sailor Mars tries to escape them but screams in pain as she touches the walls. As the girls stand in the circle of light, they feel weaker and weaker.

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter... Coconut... Can't do it...

Sailor Guardians fall to the ground.

Sailor Mercury: I don't... Understand... Where are the controls?

Ria: You fools! You really thought I would control the crystals from the Earth?! This was all a trap to lure you in! This room is designed to drain your energy, you are powerless in it!

She looks around. Something outside the room draws her attention.

Ria: Huh, Test Crystal? What's that? Well, this amount should be enough for a small test. With this amount of energy, I could teleport to... Watch out, Earth! Here I come!

The hologram of Ria fades, and her actual body appears in its place. She slowly lands her feet on the ground.


Mamoru Chiba is sitting at the dinner table with Usagi's parents. They drink tea.

Ikuko: Shingo, go to bed! It's night already!

Shingo: Fine.

Ikuko: Don't forget to brush your teeth!

Shingo yawns.

Shingo: And you don't forget to wake me up when she comes back!

He goes upstairs.

Kenji: What do you think? Are they going to be alright?

Mamoru: If anyone can save this planet, it's Sailor Moon. I believe in her wholeheartedly.

Kenji: I know... I just worry about her.

Mamoru sighs and pauses for a little.

Mamoru: Me too. After all, she is everything to me.

Ikuko: You should visit us more often. Not just when the world is ending, you know. You are also part of Usagi's family now.

Mamoru smiles, surprised.

Mamoru: Thank you. You are right, I should.


Ria is standing on the factory floor, looking at her own hands.

Ria: Huh... It's been so long since I stood on something. I haven't felt gravity for ages.

She makes a couple of uneven steps getting used to the feel of the gravity. Then she smiles sharply and walks over to Sailor Guardians triumphantly. Test Crystal materializes and lands behind her back.

Sailor Moon: Who are you? What do you want?

Ria: My name is Ria... And it doesn't matter! All you need to know is that you are no match for me! It all will be over soon! Crystals, activate!

She raises her hands. Test Crystal rotates and ascends slowly, reacting to her motion, and all the crystals all around Tokyo start to rotate and strike red bolts of lightning. People see them now and are horrified.

Ria: Okay Earth, give me your energy! Now!

She stands tall and puts both of her hands in the air. A cloud of black substance starts to form in her hands, getting bigger and bigger. But suddenly it poofs and disappears. Ria turns around sharply.

Ria: What the-?


Tuxedo Mask is outside Usagi's house, holding the crystal in place with a rose vine and stopping it from rotating. Cats help him to pull the vine as best as they can.


Ria: Curses! Someone somewhere must be interfering with the crystal flow. Well, it won't be for long. No human can withstand this power!

Sailor Moon: Wait!!

Ria: Shut up!

Ria snaps her fingers, and the crystal trees start growing around Sailor Guardians.

Sailor Moon: Stop!!!

She screams in pain as she breaks through the crystals and the light. Crystals are leaving cuts on her face and her arms. The next moment, the crystals form a transparent, solid fence around Sailor Guardians. Sailor Guardians can't break through them and can only hopelessly watch from behind them.

Inner Sailor Guardians: Sailor Moon!

Sailor Moon: Wait! Listen to me! You don't have to hurt the humans!

Ria turns around.

Ria: I do what I want! What now?!

Sailor Moon drops to her knees before Ria.

Sailor Moon: Don't hurt them! You can take my energy instead. I am sure it will help you.

Sailor Mars: What are you doing...

Ria extends her hand towards Sailor Moon. A warm light shines into her hand. The crescent moon on Sailor Moon's forehead and her brooch light up, surrounded with the same warm light. Ria looks at her hand, surprised.

Ria: This aura... I've never seen a light like this. What if... Maybe I should...

Ria shakes her head. She smiles wickedly.

Ria: Well then! I'll have your energy, and then, with you out of my way, I'll take the entire planet, too!

With a hand gesture, she lifts Sailor Moon in the air and starts to drain her energy, which appears to be a painful process.

(art by Jessieee)

Sailor Mercury: Stop, what are you doing?!

Sailor Jupiter: She just wanted to save the Earth, you greedy demon!!

Sailor Mars: You can't betray her like this!

Sailor Venus: Let her go! You're killing her!

Ria: I DON'T CARE!!!

She lifts Sailor Moon even higher, her hands are starting to shake. Ria is yelling against the energy waves.

Ria: No one cared when I was trapped in a crystal prison! No one cared about me, lost in space, helpless, floating away from everything I knew! No one cares about me here, being alone, powerless, so far away from home! No one! So why! Should! I! Care! Now?!

Sailor Moon opens her eyes.

Sailor Moon: That sounds... Awful... I'm... I'm sorry.

Ria's eyes widen.

Ria: What... What did you say?

Sailor Moon: I'm... I'm so sorry it happened to you.

Tears start running down the villain's face. She lowers her shaking hand and puts Sailor Moon down.

Ria: You care... But why... I thought you were nothing to me, and I was nothing to you... I thought...

Ria's eyes, filled with tears, slowly turn from red to blue. No longer filled with rage, she lowers her head. Her tears fall on the floor in silence

The barrier around Sailor Guardians disappears, they run up to Sailor Moon.

Sailor Mars: Sailor Moon!! Are you okay?!

Sailor Moon: Hi everyone! I'll be fine...

Ria falls down to her knees and covers her face.


Tuxedo Mask watches as the crystal he was holding back slowly disappears. So do all other crystals around the city. The giant one on the horizon, piercing through the abandoned factory, also starts to vanish. The clouds part and the moon shines bright through.


Sailor Moon gets up on her feet with everyone's help. She carefully lifts both of her arms, revealing she can stand on her own. She then turns to walk towards Ria, but the others warn her. Ria sits on the floor with her head in her hands, sobbing.

Ria: Why did I... What was I doing... Why am I even here... I've been lost in space for so long, and I have no energy on my own.... I want to go home... I just want to go home.

After a while, Sailor Moon approaches Ria. Hesitantly, so do the others. They look at the villain from a several steps distance, surprised by her mood change, but they can feel she is honest. Sailor Moon puts her hand at Ria's shoulder, she almost flinches.

Sailor Moon: Don't cry. We can help you get back home. Right, girls?

Girls look at each other with surprised expressions, but then they look back at Sailor Moon and nod.

Ria raises her head.

Ria: But why? Why help me?

Sailor Mercury smiles at her reassuringly.

Sailor Mercury: We will help you because you need help.

Sailor Jupiter: Yeah! Because that's how we do it on Earth, we help people!

Sailor Venus: Because the Sailor Guardian duty is to help those in need!

Sailor Mars clenches her fist and smirks.

Sailor Mars: Because we can!

Sailor Moon looks at Ria sympathetically.

Sailor Moon: Because I care.

She offers her hand to Ria. Ria takes her hand and gets up. When she speaks, it's barely audible.

Ria: Thank you...

Cats run in.

Luna: Everyone!

Artemis: Are you okay?

Sailor Moon: Artemis, Luna! We'll be right back, we're going to space!

She winks.

Luna: What?

Sailor Guardians hold hands. Ria is between Mercury and Moon.

Sailor Mercury: Now, close your eyes and imagine your home planet as clearly as you can. This will help us get there.

Ria nods. Everyone closes their eyes. Sailor Guardians' tiaras start to glow with energy.

Sailor Guardians: Sailor Teleport!

With a flash, they disappear into the sky.


Episode 3 - THE CRYSTAL INVASION (Sailor Moon Space)

𝕆pening ✶𝔼nding

(written by Jessieee)

In the endless vacuum of space, right between the Earth and the Moon, a dark figure of a woman in black and red is floating. Around her, there are dozens of sharp red crystals, floating next to each other.

We can see her features clearly now, although her eyes are still covered by the shadow. Her straight, messy red hair falls to her shoulders. She wears a bright red sleeveless bodysuit, black fishnets on her arms and legs, and on her waist, there is a big silver armored belt with dark red fabric flowing down from it. He is wearing small red boots on her feet.

The villain raises her arm to the Sun, and a flow of particles starts to move from the star towards her. She catches a mass of particles between her hands and applies pressure it, forming yet another crystal. With a hand movement, she sends all of the crystals to Earth and watches as they pierce the atmosphere.

???: Good, good.

The following scenes are happening at the same time in different places.

Rei, Mako, Ami, Minako, and Usagi are minding their own busyness walking around Tokyo. Suddenly, each of them sees a dark crystal in front of them.

Rei: What is...

Minako: Another one!

Makoto: Again?!

Ami: Better attack it while it's not moving!

The girls transform.

Sailor Mars: Mars Flame Sniper!

Sailor Jupiter: Jupiter Oak Evolution!

Sailor Mercury: Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!

Sailor Venus: Venus Love-And-Beauty Shock!

Usagi: Ugh, when will you stop!

The crystals turn to dust.

Venus: Huh... Almost too easy...

Sailor Moon: Royal Moonlight...

Luna: Usagi, wait! Look around!

Sailor Moon looks around and gasps in horror. The dark crystals - their height is about average human height - are floating all over the streets and buildings.

Sailor Moon: They're everywhere!

Other Sailor Guardians notice them too. Sailor Moon rushes home.

Sailor Moon: Mom, Dad, Shingo! Don't leave the house! Beware of the crystals!

Kenji: What crystals, dear?

Sailor Moon points out of the window, but her family acts like they don't see anything unusual.

Sailor Moon: Forget it, just stay safe!

Her communicator beeps.

Luna: We have to get the others, quick!

Sailor Moon and her cat run out of the house.

Shingo: Did that cat just...

Sailor Guardians are gathered at the shrine. Rei is sitting below the fire, meditating and chanting. As she finishes, the flame rises up to the ceiling and then disappears.

(art by Jessieee)

Rei: This should keep the crystals out for now. No evil spirit can enter this holy place!

Makoto: The crystals... They are everywhere, shouldn't they be on the news?

Ami turns on the TV.

Ami: It can't be... They act as nothing happened!

Usagi: So did my dad! He said he didn't see any crystals!

Everyone gasps.

Luna: This is serious. Mercury, can you pass me the crystal energy print? We need to find out what those things are.

Ami pulls out a memory stick and plugs it into the computer. Cats look at the screen and the calculations.

Usagi: Oh no! Mamo-chan! I need to go get him! What if he doesn't see the crystals?

Rei: Go get him and return quickly!

Usagi runs out of the shrine. She runs to the train station as fast as she can, avoiding crystals that are seemingly everywhere. People in the streets don't seem to notice them.

As Usagi runs, somewhere in the sky a giant crystal floats up to the villain. She turns to look at it.

???: Finally! How is it going, Test Crystal?

Test Crystal turns around: in each of its sides, we can see reflections of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and Tuxedo Mask.

???: Well that's new...

Luna and Artemis look at the computer screen and gasp. Ami leans to the screen

Rei: What is it?

Ami: Those crystals are not really crystals! They're just particles that have taken crystal form! They're not material objects yet!

Minako: How is that possible?

Artemis: But if they're literally just particles... That means...

Ami: Our attacks didn't destroy them. They just dissolved to regroup again.

The girls gasp. Rei shakes her head.

Rei: Usagi...

Usagi jumps out of the train and runs ahead. She looks around, soon she sees Mamoru parking his motorcycle and taking his helmet off. She runs up to him.

Usagi: Mamo-chan! Have you seen the crystals? Are you okay?

Mamoru: Yes, I can see them. But it seems like no one else can.

Usagi grabs his hand.

Usagi: Come with me. I'm going to get you to safety.

Mamoru: Usako...

He is clearly touched by the fact that she cares about him so much, as if, somehow, he is still not used to it. Usagi takes a step towards the train station, but Mamoru doesn't.

Mamoru: Look!

New crystals appear out of nowhere. They block their way.

Usagi: Oh no!! How are we going to get back?

Mamoru silently gives Usagi another helmet he pulled seemingly out of nowhere. He gets back on his motorcycle, and Usagi sits behind him, hugging him tightly.

Mamoru: Hang on.

Usagi: I can't believe it! I am going to ride a bike with Mamo-cha...-aaaaa, whoa, that's so fast!!

The motorcycle takes off down the road. Mamoru rides to Hikawa shrine, avoiding the crystals which keep appearing.

(art by Jessieee)

In the sky, the villain is talking to the Test Crystal.

???: Phase one is going excellent. And those Sailor Guardians... They brought this upon themselves. I am going to trap them and then destroy them. And then, this wonderful planet will give me all the energy I need... Ugh, Test Crystal, you aren't even listening. You are not alive, after all...

The camera gets closer to her face, and we can see her flaming red eyes clearly now. Her thin lips curl in a wicked smile.

???: No one stops me on my way to Eternity! I will make them regret messing with me, Ria!

Girls are looking at the computer in the Hikawa shrine.

Ami: I think I get it now. The wavelength of those particles is tuned to be invisible to humans! So the only people who can see them are...

Luna: Moon Kingdom Descendants.

Artemis: Or just aliens.

Ami: It's so weird. To think that we are alien to this planet...

Makoto: Wait! There are tons of those crystals out there in the streets where people are walking – and they can't see them?

Rei: What if someone gets into the crystal? What happens if someone walks through?!

Luna lowers her head.

Mamoru and Usagi keep driving around the roads at high speed, taking shortcuts, and avoiding the crystals. Mamoru takes sharp turns since crystals keep appearing. Suddenly, one materializes right in front of them.

Mamoru: Get down!

Usagi: Mamo-chan!

They ride right beneath the crystal; Usagi ducks and is intact, but Mamoru, being taller than her, still manages to touch the crystal with his head. His head goes right through, and they leave the crystal behind. Mamoru's eyes darken, he almost loses the grip on the wheel.

Usagi: Mamo-chan! Are you okay?

Mamoru grits his teeth.

Usagi: I know you're not!!

Mamoru: I can still drive. We're almost there.

Mamoru's motorcycle drives up to the stairs of the Hikawa Shrine. Usagi jumps off it, grabs Mamoru's hand and they both run up the stairs. As they run into the shrine, Mamoru collapses in the corner.

Everyone: Usagi! Mamoru!

Rei: You sure took your time!

Cats jump to Mamoru.

Luna: He'll be fine! He had lost some energy, but he will recover it soon. Just let him sleep.

Luna and Usagi sit next to Mamoru, Artemis goes back to the computer.

Ami: So that's what the crystals do... They drain energy from people.

Artemis: Not only that! They transport it somewhere I can't track.

Minako: We need to stop them.

Usagi: But how? We will need an attack that covers the entire city, if not the entire Earth!

Rei: And we can't destroy them.

Ami: Girls, look!

Everyone looks at the computer screen, then out of the window. It's getting darker outside. A giant crystal, taller than the building, is emerging from the ground in the distance. The computer detects a lot of signals coming from this one.

Artemis: This one is different! It's a material object! This must be the control center!

Minako: It's near the abandoned factory! This is our chance!

Usagi: But how will we get there?

Artemis zooms into the danger map.

Artemis: There is a short path free of crystals that should be safe for you to go. It's not that far, either!

Rei: Let's go then.

Minako: Wait!

She opens her bag and smiles.

Minako: Let's eat first!

Usagi: Wow! I am hungry!

Minako blinks and then smiles, reaching down to her voluminous bag. She pulls out a container, full of onigiris. She opens the container and hands out onigiris taking one herself.

Minako: Actually... I bought those for my boyfriend today. But now, I don't know if I'll ever see him again.

Rei: Don't be stupid, Mina! Of course, you will! We will kick the evil's butt like we always do, right, Usagi?

Usagi doesn't answer. Mamoru opens his eyes, she hugs him and gives him half of her onigiri.

Five Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask walk across the streets as the sun goes down. They pass Usagi's house, her family is looking out of the window.

Shingo: Go Sailor Moon! Kick their butt!

Sailor Moon stops for a moment to take Tuxedo Mask's hands. She looks at him caringly.

Sailor Moon: You can't go any further. It's too dangerous, and you have lost a lot of energy.

Tuxedo Mask: But...

Sailor Moon: I'll be okay. You don't have to always put your life on the line for me.

Both lower their eyes. Sailor Moon continues quietly.

Sailor Moon: I know you are worried. It's okay.

Tuxedo Mask grips her hands tighter.

Sailor Moon: But we need you right here. No one knows what the crystals will do next. Go and protect the Earth, Earth Guardian.

Tuxedo Mask looks at Sailor Moon, who is ready to go off into battle without him. He lets go of her hands, carefully and slowly. For a moment he sees NeoQueen Serenity in her. He bows his head.

Tuxedo Mask: As you command.

Sailor Moon smiles at him, reassuringly.

Sailor Moon: Do it for me, alright?

Tuxedo Mask can't help but smile back.

Tuxedo Mask: Anything for you.

Sailor Moon: Oh, and... Watch over my family.

She hesitates for a while, then kisses him on the cheek and runs away after the others. Tuxedo Mask watches them walking away into the sunset, his cape flowing in the wind.


wraak -

More Helnu. Cause he's the thing people seem to wanna see on my sm accounts.

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White Fence Farm

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(1/2) Art dump of some OC characters!

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Denver Zoo

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a little more about these little lads i wanted to share! these little guys, or fignai as they call themselves, have tongues which look somewhat like a lamprey and once attached to it’s next meal injects a paralysing venom.. but they’re usually friendly so no worries

fignai can’t vocalise like humans do so their native language just sounds like a lot of croaking to humans!

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this was for that style-bending art challenge! basically, i asked my art friends what things were distinct for my style and i had to create a piece of art without any of them. they said blocky and painterly brush strokes, the colors red and blue and brown, and people. came up with this in the end- there are some bluish and brownish shades, but they're almost all just fun uses of greys, dark yellows, and the surrounding colors. the closest i got to brown was a khaki beige-ish color.

Decided to color in my sketch of my OC Ami'thea (Ami for short)! She is a soft and sweet elf princess 💕 I missed drawing her and I'm glad I decided to doodle her again!

Do not repost or use without permission