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This is the Baskin' Robbins Popping Shower Chocolate

I did not recognize the flavor of the chocolate (which is based on a popular ice cream in Japan called popping shower), but it did taste familiar.

Even with the name I did not expect the popping to happen. There were little crystals much like pop rocks in the chocolate which gave a fun and surprising sensation.

This was a very fun experience.


Festival sign Choco

It is a small piece of chocolate. It is good chocolate, but there isn't anything much to it beside the shape.

7/10 its chocolate

Gummy kiss

A yummy cherry Gummy. It has that good gummy texture I like. Not much more to say. Wish there was more


Isabel and tom nook say hi

Rilakkuma Red gummy

First I think it is interesting that this was just called red as the other option I could have gotten was green apple which is an actual flavor not just a color.

That aside this was a tasty gummy. I love gummies. A good strawberry flavor. I wish they would give their gummies the amount they give their hard candy or chips.

8/10 I want more

Haven't drawn my dragonsona as an icon in a long long time.

My family :3

I made this on my phone in about an hour. I spent a lot of time redoing the lines on my character and then decided that I'll stick with the black outline

My fifth attack. Baransu belongs to AngleDawnLamb

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my sixth attack Mallory belongs to Katerang

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I got the itch to draw Drea in a cute cheerleader outfit, so here she is! Also wanted an excuse to draw shiny fabric lol

Commissions are open!

This is my 7th art fight attack

youko kitsune belongs to Meepudraws

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my 8th art attack. I'm super proud of how this came out

Mildred belongs to August

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My Tiefling dnd character Matches. She is a fanatical light cleric who worships the sun. She heals people with fire and is a bit of a pyromaniac.


My beautiful orc dnd oc if she had lived to be old

Some cute elf girl. Light and shading practice

Ghost besties!

I've noticed Vivian and Lady Bow are fan favorites in the Paper Mario community! They're super cute so I thought I'd draw them together ^^

Purple jellyfish

I made a jellyfish. I wish it looked better. They are so pretty. But I tried

Trickster in the moon

Remember Doopliss busting through the moon? I sure do

Blue jellyfish

I really like jellyfish. The only difference between these drawings is the background

Went with a cleaner simpler look. Trying to get a handle on drawing them

KitKat Citrus Mint

A different combo than I'm used to eating. Usually the idea of mixing citrus with mint is a big turnoff, but this actually works. The citrus is subtler than I would have liked. The flavors don't happen together, but instead burst out one after the other. The mint is very strong.