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My card holder broke so I crocheted a new one!

All my cards fit inside!

Apparently I am out of unemployment money :(

I thought it would last until the end of the year, but no. I am very upset. We are so lucky my spouse can still work. And our parents can assist us with things. But i am very nervous about the immediate future

I'm soooooooo tired :(

Is something happening with redbubble? I can't sign in and when I go to my shop it says there isn't any art posted. Is it going through matinance?

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The hippopotamus is my aunt's biggest fear. She would tell us that they would grab you by the mouth and take you down to "their place." So we always gave her hippo related gifts. When i took this picture my mom tolad me to send it to her

naiad -

I love hippos so much but I have a healthy fear of them and the idea of "their place" is terrifying lmao

phantomflame03 -

I legit thought hippos were the largest land animal as a kid becuase my aunt's fear was so strong. I'm actually surprised that I never grew to fear them. She would mention that EVERY single time hippos were brought up. And I'm like "Hello I am 4 years old."

naiad asked:

On your polar bear post, is KC Kansas City?? I feel like I might have remembered you saying that you lived around this area before but I'm not sure? I just went to the zoo in August and I didn't remember seeing a polar bear but I also kinda rushed through the whole thing

It is the Kansas City zoo! The polar Bears are next to the entrance accross from the gift shop. This Polar Bear is brand new. He had just come out of quarantine last week and was very excited to play in the water. The other polar bear they have usually chills in the back of the enclosure so I was happy to see this guy out and about.

The hippopotamus is my aunt's biggest fear. She would tell us that they would grab you by the mouth and take you down to "their place." So we always gave her hippo related gifts. When i took this picture my mom tolad me to send it to her

New polar bear at the KC zoo. He is very playful and energetic

Im not sure whqt to name my spiral oc. If i should give them an object name or a people name or something made up. Or something in a different language. Idk but i want to work on them more and i feel like i need to get thrm a name before i dive into backstory and personality/abilities etc

If anyone has a question about my cooking I am happy to talk about my experiences. I am not a profecional but I have learned a lot by living on my own. Plus online recipes are great guidelines

An Anonymous user asked:

Can you explain how to make fried rice?

YES! It is a lot of fun!

Okay so the way I make fried rice requires a rice cooker and a Wok, but if you dont have those you can make it with a sauce pan and Skillet.

So first thing is first. Cook the rice. Do it how ever you do it normally. First I wash the rice by rincing it in water and draining it until all the starch is gone. Then I put it in my rice cooker and wait 40 min. (This will give you the best quality rice).

Next put your Wok (or Skillet) on Medium High heat. Add Oil and whatever veggies you are going to have in the rice. I use a pack of frozen mixed veggies. I let them heat up until they arent frozen and have gotten warm. (like 5-8 min depending on how much). If you use fresh veggies it is more like 2-3 minutes

Next you crack 2 eggs into the veggies. Mix the egg and veggies together until the egg starts to clump like with scrambled eggs. SIDE NOTE: Some people cook the eggs seapratly and add them to the veggies after scrambling

Next add the rice. You don't have to do it all at once. It can be in batches so that it is easier to mix it all together.

While you add the rice pour soysauce on. Just enough for the rice to change from white to brown. You DO NOT want a lot of liquid in the rice. As you add more rice add more soy sauce.

Make sure you stir a lot to keep the seasoning consistant and to prevent burning/drying out

*Optional you can add Sesame Oil at the very end before stiring.

**If you want to make chicken or pork fried rice You have to cook the meat first in the oil. Then remove it. Cook the veggies and eggs, and finally add it with the rice


Cook white rice

Heat Oil in pan. (cook meat and remove from oil) Add veggies

Crack 2 eggs in veggies and cook until it starts to scramble

Add rice (and meat) in batches with soy sauce. Stir through out this part to prevent burning/drying out the rice.

If desired add Sesame oil at the end before serving, but it is not required.

I hope this made sense ^_^ I love sharing my cooking recipes

I made general tso's chicken and fried rice!

I love my gamer son. Hes always winning 😍

I made a phone bag for myself. I like to go on walks and listen to podcasts but lately I've been going without wearing something with pockets so i made mauself a little carrier 😊

So I just met the new neighbor who happened to come over while my spouse isnt home at 8pm to ask for a screwdriver.... I really hope this isnt a horrro movie. He seemed nice, and is probably isnt a murrderer but oh boy I hope it isnt going to end badly. And he better bring back that screwdriver

I want to play among us

I made bread! The texture is perfect but it is a little too salty. Ill probably cut the salt in half next time.

Pennsylvania called it! The dump is out! AAAAAAA!!!

babushka -

okay fellow americans genuine question

was there really a historical "american duel" thing that requires both opponents to go to the woods and hunt each other for sport or did Jules Verne make this up

and in case there was such a thing

this explains the current elections so, so much

darkhorsedouglas -

uhhh no? but kind of. A duel was when two guys were given guns, had to walk a few steps away from each other, turn around, and the one to fire first won. Because the other guy was shot. The musical Hamilton goes over the most famous duel that happened in America. Hunting each other down in the woods isn't a thing that ever happened though.

phantomflame03 -

Ya, no. If someone is hunting you for sport in the woods you are in a horror movie. We have some buck wild stuff that happens here, but that is super illegal.

I legit had a dream where Georgia turned blue. I woke up to see my dream come true 😊

And then Pennsylvania did it too!