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Happy 5th anniversary to Undertale! A lil Papyrus to celebrate

Bar Folies-Grillby's

Sorry for the bad quality - unfortunately, just as I finished the work and was saving it, laptop shut down and file got corrupted. All I was able to salvage is this small thumbnail.
Still it is a beatiful picture: birds are not singing, but the flower is blooming...
(P.S. I just really love classic works of art. They give me a lot of inspiration)

(P.P.S. If this picture gets enough likes (let's say 20-25) I'll redo it completely in quality that was intended for it :)

Sans Fighting

One of my oldest works in digital, done sometime in the summer of 2016

Thr fact that I can say that sans Undertale is gong to be in smash and have that be a true unironic statement amazes me.

And they still wont put waluigi in smash :(

first time trying to draw Undyne, my most favorite fish??

I have no idea what she and Frisk are doing. maybe watching one of Alphys' animes? I don't know I just wanted to draw someone doing the snuggling chin-prop on Frisk and it turned into Undyne. pretty happy with how it turned out!

also Undyne's all scarred up despite being a magical monster because I want her to be. dark lines underneath her tank top and on her neck are supposed to be gill slits. the band-aid was a generous gift from Frisk, bestowed after a spar with Asgore or smth.

also her toes were supposed to be webbed sort of but I. didn't really manage that,,

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cringe culture is dead post undertale fanart

One of my very first undertale arts from a couple years ago. I'm still very proud of it. And I thought it would be super appropriate for my first post on Waterfall...cuz they're in....Waterfall. get it?