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Hey yall my sibling has a YouTube channel where he does game walkthroughs. He had to take a hiatus recently, but was able to start posting videos today.

I'd appreciate if you would take a look and consider subscribing to his channel.

The channel is howtodovideogames

Since it isn't a let's play you don't actually hear him talk. It is just game play and demonstrations on how to complete games.

He takes requests as well, so if you comment on a game you want him to play he will consider doing it.

Drew some Night In the Woods Fanart because i am now once again free from the schoolz

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The animal crossing community really be starved af like I literally saw a post that was like "belly buttons confirmed!!!" and tbh I was like OH RAD

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y'all i have a stardew valley hot take

linus is the cleanest person in the town, bc he at least takes showers in the rain. but nobody in stardew valley has a bathroom

oh btw I made a let's play channel on youtube. It has exactly one video and I have no idea when I will do more. Could be tomorrow could be next week, could be never!

but ya, if yall want to see it I could post a

this way yall can hear my voice.I sound like a child but I swear I am an adult! I pay taxes and have a job. I also have invader zim pajama pants and am super excited for the new pokemon game, but that should not detract from the fact that I am an adult.