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I made focaccia! It is very good. I used garlic salt instead of regular salt for flavor ~

I'm trying my hand at sourdough again. I think it will be better this time! The dough was much easier to work with and my starter actually had a good rise to it.

Before and after baking! I still have to wait for it to cool before eating

Julian passed the float test and actually rose in its container today! To celebrate I'm trying my hand at sourdough bread. I've never made it before (although I've baked bread) and I'm using actual bread flour instead of all purpose. This is completely new territory for me. Wish me luck that my dough rises!

Y'all I finally used my sourdough to make a cake and it is so good. I've never made a coffee cake before, but I'm pretty happy with it.

My mother in law is giving me her old bread maker 😭

Been working with my sourdough starter. Finally moved it out of the bowl and into a jar. Let's hope I don't kill it 😅. But seriously I need to keep an eye on it. It isn't rising which worries me. But it is almost a week old (so really young).

I'm naming it Julian. I'm going to need more flour soon 😅

Day 3 for my sour dough starter. I've got bubbles!

Also does anyone have any good recipes they go to for using a starter? I've never done this before ,and I feel like I'm going to get overwhelmed if I don't find some good starting recipes

I made banana muffins!!!

I accidentally did twice as much salt (but that's just 1 tsp instead of 1/2 tsp so I doesn't look like it made a difference).

They are Cooked through, soft and moist and not too sweet! They have a subtle banana flavor except when you hit a chunk of banana. Then it is more defined. I'm happy with the color throughout.

All in all a great recipe

I already started eating it before I remembered I was going to take a picture.

oh ya! I'm going to bake chunky apple snickerdoodle bars today!! My friends are coming over for DnD and one of them is bringing the baking soda that wont paralyze him with an allergic reaction so I can make them for everyone :D I'll post a picture of them when they are done!

Does anyone know any easy baking recipes that you dont need baking powder (or soda) for :( I have flour sugar and eggs for base materials. I'm thinking of using chocolate chips for flavor.I wanted to do muffins but I think that might not work

It looks, smells, and tastes like bread!

Just finished the great British Bake Off and I'm looking for other baking shows. Anyone have suggestions