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Sabella Fire-Soul and Bryn Aiden Blaire comics. For some reason I never snanned the second one, that's why it looks so shitty.

Out of all the character relationships I've created over the years, Sabella and Bryn probably have my favourite dynamic. My Disaster-Platonic-Soulmates <3

And in case anyone can't read the dialogue:

First panel:

Sabella: "You! You're the one that's been doing this!"

Bryn: "Uhhh...What?"

Second panel:

Bryn: I was really looking forward to that movie. Do you think we could go tomorrow?"

Third panel:

Bryn: "Disconnect you stupid bastard!!"

Sabella, on the phone: "You're still connected Bryn."

Bryn: *incoherent cursing*

Sabella: "Still connected..."

Fourth panel:

Bryn, singing: "Silver bells, Silver bells..."

Sabella, continuing to sing: "It's Christmas time in the city..."

First panel, second page:

Bryn: "My name's Bryn, if you were wondering."

Sabella: "I wasn't."

Second panel:

Bryn: "My name is Bryn Blaire, but everyone thinks it's Bryan Blaine."

Sabella: "Ooo, sounds frustrating."

Third panel:

Bryn: "How am I supposed to go anywhere with you when you refuse to dress up?"

Sabella: "We're not going to a five-star restaurant, Bryn, we're going to a bar."

Fourth panel:

Bryn: "Hi Sabella!"

Sabella: "RUN YOU IDIOT!"

The Abandoned Mansion

[We had a new set of prompts in the Aermerea Discord, and I decided to go with the "Haunted House" prompt and put my own Minecraft twist on it!

Michael and Marcel decide to check out an "abandoned" Woodland Mansion. ;D]

kinghelios33 -

I wanted to reblog this comic I did over on my Minecraft OC blog, because I'm laughing so hard at it and I love it so much!

I've been wanting to do a comic with my OC Poppy, and im finally starting it. This is just a wip of something.

Chimera Heart Pages 117-121 have been released on Webtoon!

It's the last update of Chapter 7, and it's a 5-PAGE UPDATE!! Check it out here!;episode_no=48

birdysdoodles39 -

Apparently the link doesn't work again?? Try this link.

babushka -

this one works!!

My Wife is a Cryptid Prologue page 1

I drew this my phone

vampbyte -

hello! i'm zack, a trans freelance illustrator and comic author. i'm the creator of the LGBT fantasy comic Deryli and the Magician's Key and the horror comic RORY.

i also make art tutorials, guides, and custom brushes + assets for clip studio paint! my guides are free to read on my patreon 😊

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Deryli Rustmane dreams of following in the footsteps of his father, Lepus Rustmane, Runa's top magic scholar and guardian of one of the legendary Keys of Fate. His plans for the future change, however, when Lepus vanishes in the wake of a magical accident - leaving behind the mystery of his missing key, the Key of Seasons, and a national crisis for the floating Kingdom of Androvea, which cannot stay suspended without it.

Deryli sets off with his best friend and prince of Androvea, Philippe, on a journey to discover the whereabouts of Lepus and the Key of Seasons before Androvea falls from the sky - but their efforts will unknowingly entangle them in the plans of figures with greater, more sinister intentions for the Keys of Fate and the entire world of Runa.

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(Mature Rating for blood, violence, death, and drug use)

A cynical male model named Rory just wants to get famous, look good, and make money. He gets the opportunity to do just that when he comes into contact with the elusive and renowned photographer, Roger Van Dijk, who is interested in making Rory the subject of his magnum opus. This dream come true quickly turns into a nightmare, however, as Roger's artistic vision turns into something much, much stranger.

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Chimeran Legends Ch 1. Pg. 19

One of my favorite pages from Chimeran Legends Chapter 1.

You can find the page here.

And you can start reading Chimeran Legends here!

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