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My Sylvari from Guild Wars 2! I haven't played in a while and I miss this girl!

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As a new art, here is a warmup I did some month ago.


Dunno, I wanted to try stuff with my paint markers

Caudal Bones of the Spinosaurus and What That Means

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The title makes this sound like an essay when it’s only two paragraphs.

I can’t make gifs and I also dont know how to credit people properly so I wont put images for now sorry

The Spinosaurus is an aquatic dinosaur first discovered 1912. For over a century, it’s anatomy has stumped paleontologists, and ideas about how it lived haved evolved over the years as we find out more about this strange creature.

In the past, it had been debated on how much water the Spinosaurus had in it’s daily life. Due to the lack of necessary bones to swim, it was theorized that the Spinosaurus lived life siniliar to a modern day bear, where it fed in water, but didn’t necessarily live in it. However, due to the discovery of the caudal (tail) bones, which would have formed a webbing or a solid propeller, it can be safely said that the Spinosaurus is the first dinosaur known to be fully aquatic. Its tail is highly efficient compared to non-aquatic dinosaurs, and even other parts of its skeleton hint towards its aquatic origins. Its facial structure resembles that of a crocodile, as it is adapted to eating fish, and how its bones are thick-walled, which helps it to stay underwater (for comparison, we are not thick-walled, so we naturally float to the surface once underwater).

Hopefully, with this discovery, we’ll soon be able to find indicators for other fully aquatic dinosaurs.

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Metaxytherium - An ancient sirenian, different from the current Dugong by the presence of teeth. Some species of Metaxytherium, such as M.serresii, also had prominent sexual dimorphism, with the male growing a narwhal-like tooth.

Saw a fossil and an old gravure of it the other week at the museum, and decided they deserved a sparkly watercolor illustration~ 🐬

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Design Added To Store

Hello All! Ended up liking this better uncolored, so here you go! Check out this listing, and the rest of my shop on teespring, a print-on-demand site. The quality is better than similar sites I've used, and if you use the code "WATERFALL" you get 5% off.

EDIT: A link would help lol!

6th art fight attack - characters belong to GhostSpectrum on artfight!

Finally completed my first attack. I think I put a little more effort in than intending, but I am happy with how it turned out, overall.

7th art fight attack - character belongs to Skystreak on artfight!

fight me >:3c

8th art fight attack - character belongs to kRoX on artfight!

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Another attack for Art Fight~ Had a lot of fun with the perspective on the faces and I'm really satisfied with the inking given that I didn't put a lot of effort into it? (as compared to usual anyway). Shading was interesting. I'm still trying to find more consistent ways to shade that don't cause my soul to wither away.

"A light of hope"

little deking for [[@squishydoodles of her character Luria. u-u

Character by @caramel216 (Art Fight)

This is my fourth Art Fight attack, i did a lot of experiments with this which was very fun

10th art fight attack - character belongs to ChibiCorporation on artfight!

fight me >:3c

12th art fight attack - character belongs to Skystreak on artfight!

fight me >:3c

not pictured roska actually managing to catch a fish then accidentally yeeting it back into the river