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My sibling just met Veth and they are freaking out

I'm on episode 79 of Critical Role Campaign 2

I don't want any spoilers but I do want to know when Ashley will come back. Just which episode. I miss her ;_;

Ahhhh im so far away from catching up to the most current episode of critical role. I didn't even watch during their hiatus so I missed the best time to catch up.

Everytime Jester visits her mom I feel just a well of emotions. I love their relationship. 😭😭😭

I'm watching episode 73 of campaign 2 of critical role. Its a live show at gen con. And Laura Bailey's outfit is goals. I want it so much.

A quick Caduceus sketch because I love him.


There's a really big furry beetle in this lily

My love for Jester knows no bounds. She is perfect in every way. Seriously she hits all my face character traits. Blue , bubbly, powerful. Just 😍 love her

Critical role spoilers

Sam in campaign 1: goblins killed my mother :(

Sam in campaign 2: I'm the mother that the goblins killed. Also now I'm a goblin and my life is misery

Guess who finally found out Nott's tragic backstory...😭 Sam why you gotta do this to me

Beau is a huge lesbian and I love her.

buff women: exist

Beau: πŸ‘€πŸ’–

I love how excited Beau is to be the first mate on their ship. Its adorable

Beau and Yasha kissing <3

I'm so far behind on Critical Role *sigh*

I'm loving watching the critical role special one shots. Currently I'm watching the honey heist. It is very good

Hi! My name is phantom. I've been on waterfall for a little bit and I need blogs to follow!

I post art and blog about my personal life.

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Critical Role (I still need to catch up on campaign 2, but I'm not afraid of spoilers)

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Drawfee/Cartoon Hell (do people talk about that? idk)

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Steven Universe

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I'm also trying to keep this blog free of stressful content (I get enough of that everywhere else), so if you post a lot of discorse, difficult news, sad stories (etc) I'd rather you avoid this. Some stuff is fine, but again I'm not looking to overwhelm myself.