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Spouse is on the phone with their dad and it has escalated to yelling. This happens a lot. Spouse doesn't have a lot of patience for their parents and they don't show any respect to spouse. We have to interact with them a lot because spouse works with their dad and their dad is helping out house with construction.

But really their dad is just bad at communication and thinks his way of thinking is the best no matter what. But spouses mom thinks she's the hot shot smartest person in the room, and she's very manipulative.

Both of them are kind and respectful to me, but the way they treat my spouse and the stories I've heard makes me very upset

Tw depression and quarintine and other shit idk

Oh gods my depression is weighing down on me. I've been able to hold it back by working and keeping myself busy. But now I'm stuck at home with the world going to shit. My husband is super nervous about me going out and doing anything because I'm immunecompromised so I'm stuck and uhhhhhhh

I get cabin fever super easily. Today was a really bad day. I felt so exhausted I took a two hour nap (I'm usually incapable of napping). And then I did nothing but sit in bed on my computer. I didn't even do much with my baby today. O just didn't have the energy.

I keep wanting to bake banana bread but each day I put it off. I 100% know that if I accomplish this task I'll feel better (even if only a little bit) but my brain is bad and I can't remember anything.

My ability to focus or remember anything is almost non exictnat


Tw nudity talk

Also I tried to draw a nude portrait of myself and I hated it. So that's gone

I was hoping to get something from drawing but I couldn't get it out. I just hate it all