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Another art exercise/warm up with an added dragon in it.

New OC for a comic I'm doing with my girl Poppy. This is Morning Glory aka Gloria

I didn't put as much effort into this image as I did Poppy's ref image, but I wanted to get it done so I had it ready. I'm pretty happy with it.

Procrastination at it's finest-

I was supposed to be working on lining the design I finally settled on for Art Fight.

... I got distracted when a friend shared the background image. Went to doodle on it for the lolz and accidentally got carried away with an animation, LOL. So damn glad SAI can save as .PSD, makes it so much easier to switch it over to gimp to use the animation feature.

Despite the floaty-ness, lowkey kinda proud of this. heh.

June 2020
Program(s): Paint Tool SAI, GIMP

Animation drawn by myself, @sp00k5t3r-deactivated-2020SepSun-200927040948-0270
Don't use in anyway whatsoever, thanks.

Haven't drawn my dragonsona as an icon in a long long time.

Space dragon

They say there are dragons in space. Hidden in the darkest places in the galaxy, beings as old as the stars. They say they are born in nebulae and die as supernovae, and that the spationaut who catches their eyes will travel in space without fear, for the dragons will protect them. No one has ever seen one, and no one will, as they are made of legends and dreams. But sometimes, when gazing at the stars, one cannot help but feel the stars gaze back.

Kinda old illustration I made of a space dragon for my story. Spationauts have many myths and legends about space, but this is the most known one.

sometimes its fun just to draw with some little blocks. this is my minecraft braincell speaking

fiaher -

"Those who succumb to the hands of fate shall know peace. The defiant, however, know the path they follow leads to either despair or enlightenment. The gamble is risky, but they take it anyways. It is in their nature." Elfuary Prompt #2 Fate (twitter)

pilica-creative asked:

D would you draw a dragon as a kid/hatchling?

squeaky-warrior -

Baby dragon!

This was so fun to draw, thanks for the suggestion!

shoutout to this rainwing I did for-fucking-ever ago that, to date, has one of the best head angles I've ever done

IceDom's Foddart piece for RubieKanary on Flight Rising

i dont think ive posted aro yet? lmk

(also this is my 69th post, so... nice)

i love 3 (three) things; dice, knives and girls (not pictured)