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My creative juice is dry but still wanted to draw. Decided to recreate an image that I came across because I miss drawing food. I want Goku's stomach and appetite.

Here's the original image from Dragon Ball Z.

If anyone has a question about my cooking I am happy to talk about my experiences. I am not a profecional but I have learned a lot by living on my own. Plus online recipes are great guidelines

An Anonymous user asked:

Can you explain how to make fried rice?

YES! It is a lot of fun!

Okay so the way I make fried rice requires a rice cooker and a Wok, but if you dont have those you can make it with a sauce pan and Skillet.

So first thing is first. Cook the rice. Do it how ever you do it normally. First I wash the rice by rincing it in water and draining it until all the starch is gone. Then I put it in my rice cooker and wait 40 min. (This will give you the best quality rice).

Next put your Wok (or Skillet) on Medium High heat. Add Oil and whatever veggies you are going to have in the rice. I use a pack of frozen mixed veggies. I let them heat up until they arent frozen and have gotten warm. (like 5-8 min depending on how much). If you use fresh veggies it is more like 2-3 minutes

Next you crack 2 eggs into the veggies. Mix the egg and veggies together until the egg starts to clump like with scrambled eggs. SIDE NOTE: Some people cook the eggs seapratly and add them to the veggies after scrambling

Next add the rice. You don't have to do it all at once. It can be in batches so that it is easier to mix it all together.

While you add the rice pour soysauce on. Just enough for the rice to change from white to brown. You DO NOT want a lot of liquid in the rice. As you add more rice add more soy sauce.

Make sure you stir a lot to keep the seasoning consistant and to prevent burning/drying out

*Optional you can add Sesame Oil at the very end before stiring.

**If you want to make chicken or pork fried rice You have to cook the meat first in the oil. Then remove it. Cook the veggies and eggs, and finally add it with the rice


Cook white rice

Heat Oil in pan. (cook meat and remove from oil) Add veggies

Crack 2 eggs in veggies and cook until it starts to scramble

Add rice (and meat) in batches with soy sauce. Stir through out this part to prevent burning/drying out the rice.

If desired add Sesame oil at the end before serving, but it is not required.

I hope this made sense ^_^ I love sharing my cooking recipes

I made general tso's chicken and fried rice!

I made bread! The texture is perfect but it is a little too salty. Ill probably cut the salt in half next time.

Starting the new season of great british bake(off)/ing show. I love when a baker gets it right. It feels nice

So a family friend often gives my mom food hes made (they work together and he cooks for the place they work at, so it is left overs) and my mom often gives me the food that I enjoyed as a child. Which is nice because free food... but boy howdy have I been reminded that my mom is very white (I'm just as white, but I know what seasoning is). Basically she was so excited that this family friend had made a dish he hadnt cooked in forever (probably since I was a kid or young teen) and she happily shared it with me. It is a chicken and rice dish. I genuenly love his chicken and noodles (its a sort of gravy heavy dish) so I was happy to have this.

I took one bite and its just salt. Like thats it. There is some sort of fat or sauce that is helping the chicken and rice strick together, but the only flavor is salt. That's it. And I'm just like........uh kinda gross. My mom was so happy to give this to me (luckily i ate it at home so I didn't have to pretend to love it), and its just salt.

And the thing is I know she likes complex food flavors but, sometimes I forget this is the same woman who happily eats baked chicken breast with NO SEASONING. Whenever I cook for her and my dad they are floored by how amazing the stuff I make is when I'm just adding a little to the dish so that it tastes good. My dad is/was an okay cook but he was terrified of salt and certain spices so his dishes were also pretty bland.

Im also going to make some breaded chicken and curly fries for dinner. The chicken from scratch and the fries from a frozen bag

I forgot to say earlier but im making a cake! Its an apple cider donut cake loaf!!!!

Started a stew in my slow cooker today. Ive never made stew before so im a little nervous, but hopefully it will turn out okay 🤞🏻

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Im so hungry. We ordered food and i want it noooooow

Its from a new restaurant we havent tried before

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The food is here!!!!

phantomflame03 -

It is so good! And we got way more than we thought we'd get.

Bean liked it too

I'm making breaded pork chops tonight! I'm so excited. I've never breaded anything before

Kagome Okinawan Citrus Mix Drink

A refreshing citrus drink. I can tell there is veggies in it and it adds to the complexity of the flavor.

8/10 would drink again

DIY Bubble Tea Matcha Milk

I have never had Boba before and I doubt this is the best introduction. This was a fun thing to do none the less. It was simple. Put the tapioca pearls and the matcha powder in the cup. Then add hot water.

There is milk powder in this so I'm sure my bowls will pay me back for this, but the tea itself is tasty. The bitter matcha works well with the sweet milk. The tapioca pearls don't taste like anything, so I guess that's more of a texture thing. I don't know if that's normal.

All in all a fun experience. I feel like I should get a proper boba at some point in my life.

8/10 fun to make. Tasty. But has milk in it which is not great for me

This is the Baskin' Robbins Popping Shower Chocolate

I did not recognize the flavor of the chocolate (which is based on a popular ice cream in Japan called popping shower), but it did taste familiar.

Even with the name I did not expect the popping to happen. There were little crystals much like pop rocks in the chocolate which gave a fun and surprising sensation.

This was a very fun experience.


Festival sign Choco

It is a small piece of chocolate. It is good chocolate, but there isn't anything much to it beside the shape.

7/10 its chocolate