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Enjoying my favorite soda that i can only find at one specialty soda shop 😊 blue bubblegum soda

phantomflame03 asked:

pinapple on pizza? yes or no? what about other fruits? And I'm not talking about dessert pizza. Me? I rather like blueberries on pizza.

synthesystem -

I... cannot tell if the blueberry thing is a joke but power to you. I personally am just a really big fan of either a simple margarita pizza, or mushroom pizza. As for pineapple on pizza, I don't really have an opinion tbh

phantomflame03 -

I am 100% serious. I can't eat cheese so as a kid we made a lot of our own pizzas. I was a... creative child to say it gently and I happily explored different flavors. I havent had blue berries on pizza in a few years, because berries go bad like in a week from purchace (unless you freeze them). None of my family members wanted to touch my pizza which was also a plus. I wouldn't push it on anyone of course because I'm aware of how weird my tastes can get, but it has helped me be braver about foods I would have never tried before.

Also mushrooms on pizza is so good! YES! I've recently gotten into eating mushrooms and I love them.

Im also going to make some breaded chicken and curly fries for dinner. The chicken from scratch and the fries from a frozen bag

Also i mafe ramen and its soooo good. Its instant but lile fancy instant >:3c

My stomach hurts and I need to poop a lot. I don't know why :(. Maybe it is because of the alcohol i had??? It was just a hard lemonade though. Maybe it is my period. I haven't started it yet. Maybe it is the olive bread I made and have been eating. I don't know why though. Maybe its because I didn't eat much during the day and then had a big dinner. Who knows!

Maybe its just that I'm 27 and so randomly getting body issues because of age.

I'm making breaded pork chops tonight! I'm so excited. I've never breaded anything before

Do you ever just accidentally make soup?

My mother in law is giving me her old bread maker 😭

I just realized I still have 7 snacks in my Tokyo treat box for march that I haven't tried yet. Ill try to queue them up today/tomorrow


Tokyo treat is a subscription box where each box cost 35$ a month (for premium which is what I have here) but the longer you have the subscription for the less you pay. I paid 100$ for 3 months.

There is a classic box for 25$ if you don't want to pay for some extra stuff.

I'm doing the 3 month subscription to test it out before I decide if I want to extend it.

So my husband and I have become regulars at this sushi restaurant in town. The wait staff has started recognizing us and they understand our drink order before we say anything.

Its so funny

Bean loves it too because he gets to watch the sushi revolve around the room

naiad asked:

🥞-What do you usually have for breakfast?

I usually have toast with margarine and jelly together with either tea/juice/coffee! Sometimes I'll have cereal.

When I was pregnant and I had to increase my protein I'd have either bacon, sausage,or eggs instead, but that gets expensive

Had a lovely Valentine's day! We had parent teacher conferences so I got out of work like 3 hours early. My husband and I played a game together while waiting for our friend who would watch our baby while we went on our date!

We went to a curry restaurant and had plum sake. This is one of our favorite special places to go to for dates. We hadn't been since the baby was born. I got super drunk because I have no tolerance. Then we walked around downtown to sober up before going home.

It was the first time our friend baby sat for us and apparently it went well.

Now we are playing our game again while Bean sleeps. I got a box of chocolate and some chocolate covered strawberries to snack on.

Was feeding Bean his first meats (blended chicken in chicken broth) and he wasn't a big fan. This is normal for babies. Meat is not a baby fan favorite.

So while I'm attempting to feed him Kitty jumped up on the table and stuck her face the bowl of chicken. 🤦 obviously I couldn't feed anymore of that to him so I just let her have at it.

At least someone liked the chicken.

Wanted chicken so husband and I went and got raising canes. Yay

So I signed up for tokyo treat which is a subscription service that sends you snacks from Japan and I'm so excited! I can't wait for it to get here. I'll post pics and descriptions /reviews when I get it.

Never mind. My baby woke up from his nap and I played with him. I'm not sad anymore.

Also I ordered pizza less than 30 minutes ago. They said it would be a min of 90 minutes to arrive, but now it says its on its way so I'm getting the pizza and hour early.

My mood is slightly better than before!

Its snowing today! A real warm cookies and hot chocolate day ☕🍪

On a positive and completely different note: I opened a sealed package of rice cereal (baby food) and fed it to Bean for the first time this morning! He loved it :D

I'm so upset. I made myself a bowl of cereal this morning and after I had already taken a few bites I noticed there were a bunch of ants in it 🤮😨😰

I'm so upset. At least it was the bottom of the bag so I didn't have to toss out usable cereal but uhg im not happy

persephone -

different mcnugget shapes hit different, end of

phantomflame03 -

The boot is the best one

Also I'm in a bad mood because it is 'salad' day. Which means that even though there was a wide variety of food I couldn't eat any of it and had to stick with salad. I'm so hungry :(

Spoiled at work 😍 got some ramen from a local shop with fresh salads edamame and egg rolls