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My kid knows how to get through the baby proof locks 🤦‍♀️ hes 15 months

phantomflame03 -

Im so hungry. We ordered food and i want it noooooow

Its from a new restaurant we havent tried before

phantomflame03 -

The food is here!!!!

phantomflame03 -

It is so good! And we got way more than we thought we'd get.

Bean liked it too

I heard my kid cry out so I woke up. Thought wow that's early for him. And then he was quiet. It's been an hour and I can't sleep. Guess I'm awake. Didn't sleep well either

Look at what Bean drew today 😭😭😭

I love my Bean so much but I wish he would stop pushing his diaper pail over. Like he can interact with anything else in his room but that's the thing he's fixated on.

Putting my baby's footses under the cut

Look at those little toes 😍

I did some cleaning this morning which messed with my allergies, so I took my allergy now I feel like I'm going to pass out. But the spouse is at work, so I'm the only one watching the baby. Today is a day

My family :3

I made this on my phone in about an hour. I spent a lot of time redoing the lines on my character and then decided that I'll stick with the black outline

my baby is so sad rn :( He has two teeth coming in and there isnt anything I can do to help him

he needs to sleep. but he keeps crying. When I go in to comfort him he gets more upset.

He keeps calling for me.

He should have been asleep over an hour ago

uhg. Im in so much pain

Y'all!!!!!!! Bean's birthday is tomorrow!!!! He's going to be 1!!!!


My baby's birthday is a week from today!!! Bean is going to be one 😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍

Bean has been asleep for ove an hour and a half. Thats good. He hardly takes long naps, but he needs to. Especially since he has been growing teeth.

He has two coming in right now.

Ohhhhh also he took his first steps yesterday!!! He can only do 3 steps max at a time, but im so proud of him 😭😭😭

My baby is 11 months today!!! A month from today is his first birthday! I'm so excited! He is getting so big. I know he will be walking soon and that is such a big step (pun intended)

Also I don't think I've posted all the words he can say here yet

He can say "mama" "dada/daddy" and "key" for kitty.

He can also sign "all done" in asl and sometimes he signs "potty" in asl when he has a wet diaper

Today is my first mother's day! I'm so happy to have my Bean in my life.

Y'all mothers day is this Sunday (in the US) and it will be my first one!!! I'm so happy I get to celebrate loving my baby ❤

My mom got us matching momma baby shirts with his name on it 💖💖💖

So I did eventually fall asleep but hatchling woke me up before 7am. So that's a thing. Hes been waking up earlier and earlier in the morning. I'm so tired

Bean is having a really rough time right now. He's not sleeping and he's crying a lot. He won't eat and I've changed his diaper. It might be his teeth so I gave him his meds for that. It could be separation anxiety which is normal during this time. But when I've gone in to hold him it took him forever to calm down.

He's had a rough day today to. He refused to take his naps and was eating irregularly. I took his temperature which was normal.

Sometimes babys just cry. And it hurts. It hurts so much. I'm going to go check on him in awhile if he's still crying. Babies are hard.

My baby when when he says mama: screeching demon full of pain and sorrow

My baby when saying dada: baby angel sweetly singing the joys of life

Y'all my baby has a tooth 😭😭😭

Awake early today, because baby has a doctors appointment.

It is raining

My baby has his 9 month appointment tomorrow. His doctor called to tell us they would be screening everyone going in the building.

They said we could reschedule but we need to do his appointment. It's going to be interesting

Now I want to make Bean a bowtie in every color. He's a dapper baby

My baby has started to say mama 😭😍 I love him so much