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drawtober - wicked apothecary

leave it to jack to be bored in even the coolest shops

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Updated simple ref for my vampire/blood demon catgirl Loreley

She's a teacher now so she has to dress like an adult

another drawing of Limabean :3 She is ready to do some tasks! Not suspicious at all

information about Honey Cream

  • She likes to bake and makes fantastic sweets

  • but shes always burning other food. Can't even make pasta

  • It is difficult to upset her. She is extra understanding and likes helping people

  • this leads to her getting taken advantage of all the time

  • she has a lot of siblings and is the middlest middle child of the bunch

  • She works as an assistant in a bakery and hopes one day to own her own bakery

  • She isnt very confident in herself and suffers from imposter syndrome

  • When she is upset she goes into super baking mode

  • She is a hopeless romantic and also hasn't been in many relationships

beefox -

Commission for @treetop

commission price: $11 aud
turnaround: one and a half hours

Meet Brine the Plushie-2.0

🧵 I finished him a couple days ago, but remember how I said I was looking to get a custom plushie of Brine made?

🧵 Well, I've made plushies before, so you know what? If a big company can do, I figured that so can I!

🧵 So, meet my second version of my Brine plushie! My first one was much smaller and didn't look so much like him. So, this time, I made him bigger and made patterns and clothes for him!

🧵 Guys, I'm so proud of him, and I love him so much. ;w; He fits in some doll clothes I bought and I even got him a halloween costume! I've also made a blog for him! I just love him so much, he's adorable and looks so much like Brine.

🧵 I love himmmmmmmmm!!!

teamea -

"Capitain" Blue

So.....I played Among Us for the first time and now he exsists.

This poor idiot, put the suit an hat on just for fun. But then the space ship launched with him still in it and everyone thinks he is the actual capitain. He pretends to know what he is doing but he has no idea. He is too embarrassed to say the truth.

Dies first. Even as impostor

phantomflame03 -

my among us OC is Lime green with the little leaf hat. :3 just a cute friend

phantomflame03 -

oh wait wait. I think they have a bunch of stickers on their suit!! yes

Sabella Fire-Soul and Bryn Aiden Blaire comics. For some reason I never snanned the second one, that's why it looks so shitty.

Out of all the character relationships I've created over the years, Sabella and Bryn probably have my favourite dynamic. My Disaster-Platonic-Soulmates <3

And in case anyone can't read the dialogue:

First panel:

Sabella: "You! You're the one that's been doing this!"

Bryn: "Uhhh...What?"

Second panel:

Bryn: I was really looking forward to that movie. Do you think we could go tomorrow?"

Third panel:

Bryn: "Disconnect you stupid bastard!!"

Sabella, on the phone: "You're still connected Bryn."

Bryn: *incoherent cursing*

Sabella: "Still connected..."

Fourth panel:

Bryn, singing: "Silver bells, Silver bells..."

Sabella, continuing to sing: "It's Christmas time in the city..."

First panel, second page:

Bryn: "My name's Bryn, if you were wondering."

Sabella: "I wasn't."

Second panel:

Bryn: "My name is Bryn Blaire, but everyone thinks it's Bryan Blaine."

Sabella: "Ooo, sounds frustrating."

Third panel:

Bryn: "How am I supposed to go anywhere with you when you refuse to dress up?"

Sabella: "We're not going to a five-star restaurant, Bryn, we're going to a bar."

Fourth panel:

Bryn: "Hi Sabella!"

Sabella: "RUN YOU IDIOT!"

last thing for now lol, lil stickers of my sona for my carrd and socials

The Abandoned Mansion

[We had a new set of prompts in the Aermerea Discord, and I decided to go with the "Haunted House" prompt and put my own Minecraft twist on it!

Michael and Marcel decide to check out an "abandoned" Woodland Mansion. ;D]

kinghelios33 -

I wanted to reblog this comic I did over on my Minecraft OC blog, because I'm laughing so hard at it and I love it so much!

New OC for a comic I'm doing with my girl Poppy. This is Morning Glory aka Gloria

I didn't put as much effort into this image as I did Poppy's ref image, but I wanted to get it done so I had it ready. I'm pretty happy with it.

intrepid-inkweaver asked:

For Arthea: What stereotypical group role does your character play in the party? (The Mom, the Mess, the Comic Relief, etc. Optionally: What role would your character play in the “Five Man Band” structure?)

For Theara: How far is your character willing to go to pursue the “greater good”? Do they believe in a greater good at all?

For Marigold: If your character knew that they were going to die in a month, how would they spend the rest of their life?

Arthea was the chaotic mess. She was a Bard of Glammar and literaly a rock star. I guess she would fit into the Leader role even though she wasn't the actual leader of the Dnd group. She was interested in her own goals and how her teammates could help her reach them. She always wanted the spotlight and got pissed if someone showed her up. She could be level headed if she needed to be and her morality was questionable.

Theara was LAWFUL NUETRAL. Before she became an adventurer she (and the rest of the party) was apart of a military scouting troup for the kingdom. She was second in comand and would follow her Commander (nicknamed Sempai) to where ever. He was in pursuit of the greater good that he could do for the world. So she followed him. I don't know if she believed in goodness, but she believed in him.

Also bonus information: Theara is the original character and Arthea is her mirrored counterpart.

This question for Marigold is a very loaded question. Short answer, become a necromantic mushroom hermit. Long answer....

At one point in our campaign she did die, but was resurected. Unfortunately something went wrong and she kept her memories from being dead which gave her nightmares each night. She was being persued by death. This led her to finding a facination with decay and death and such. She was a druid gained the circle of spores. She continued to look into necromancy and all sorts of macabre topics. At one point she found herself in the astral plane surounded by the shadows that haunted her dream. She ran into thier open arms. She was a care free spirit. Iloved playing her and losing her was very hard, but damn was she impulsive.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these characters. I love them all very much

I've been wanting to do a comic with my OC Poppy, and im finally starting it. This is just a wip of something.

tried making a sona and came up with this oc instead

Two colour palettes for Solace, my curious ocean dwelling explorer.

Speaking of Sarcastic Men with Tragic Backstories

Here's yet more art of Rain Gallows