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*I forgot about this site tbhh *But uh *Quickly posting a redesign of an old gem oc uwu *Grape Garnet! *Her gem is on her back.

keimay -

There's still a bit of work I need to put in to learning how to put a character into a space, but I think this is a step forward?

6th art fight attack - characters belong to GhostSpectrum on artfight!

Finally completed my first attack. I think I put a little more effort in than intending, but I am happy with how it turned out, overall.

7th art fight attack - character belongs to Skystreak on artfight!

fight me >:3c

8th art fight attack - character belongs to kRoX on artfight!

fight me >:3c

for llancer on Artfight! i luv this design and liked how this turned out so it gets it's own post lol

Another attack for Art Fight~ Had a lot of fun with the perspective on the faces and I'm really satisfied with the inking given that I didn't put a lot of effort into it? (as compared to usual anyway). Shading was interesting. I'm still trying to find more consistent ways to shade that don't cause my soul to wither away.

"A light of hope"

little deking for [[@squishydoodles of her character Luria. u-u

Character by @caramel216 (Art Fight)

This is my fourth Art Fight attack, i did a lot of experiments with this which was very fun

10th art fight attack - character belongs to ChibiCorporation on artfight!

fight me >:3c

12th art fight attack - character belongs to Skystreak on artfight!

fight me >:3c

not pictured roska actually managing to catch a fish then accidentally yeeting it back into the river

aid -


me: i should make refs of my mains me: me: how about i make refs of random side characters instead

but yes, this is grown up pikku, they have their own story now!!! i am very very happy with how their design came out :D more info under the cut! (there's spoilers for my story though, not that it really matters)

so basically freja and huldra's plot technically ends with them both getting murdered by a goliath by the name of caovenniza, who is out to get them because freja owns a cursed item in the form of a rubik's cube that grants worldhopping abilities (VERY short summary, it's a very complicated process that i might explain in a later post), and vuk gets ahold of this cube and uses it to escape caovenniza, leaving her still living siblings (sputnik and pikku) behind.

"OTHER WORLDS" pikku is the pikku who was raised with love and care by freja and huldra in dimensions where vuk and caovenniza never existed. they are a ranger who serves the feywatchers, an ancient bond between man and nature that has grown into a well-organized union of different races and nations, and is working to de-demonize orcs in the eye of the public.

vuk and otherworldly pikku meet eachother eventually, pikku not knowing who vuk is because vuk's existence, after "activating" the rubik's cube, was entirely wiped from the multiverse, meaning there is only one vuk left in the entirety of reality. initially they're very intrigued by vuk and her shenanigans, especially the first time vuk meets the grown up version of them, but they soon seem to accept her as a younger sibling figure, which vuk feels weird about since she's technically much older than pikku.

"OVIR" pikku is the version of pikku who grew up without freja, huldra and vuk after caovenniza sought them out, and who ended up classing into a fighter. they were quite rebellious in their child-and teenagehood, and ended up spending a lot of time with the "wrong" people, according to their rather pacifistic brother and caretaker.

they took up underground swordfighting in their late teens and through that they met a dwarf named purga (who is an already established character of mine that i also might make a post about later) and they hit it off pretty well, eventually establishing a vigilante group that takes down people practicing illegal magics, such as demon summoning. (the group is called "the blazing brigades", hence the symbol on pikku's shoulderpad) they also enter a good but unstable relationship that lasts for an unknown amount of time because i haven't gotten that far yet lmao

2019 is the year of my OCs getting design updates that I'm 10x happier with. My holstaurus OC Sacch got a makeover and I'm super happy with this! I also wanted to make her body type more realistic and be less afraid of sharing body positive work!