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Spouse is on the phone with their dad and it has escalated to yelling. This happens a lot. Spouse doesn't have a lot of patience for their parents and they don't show any respect to spouse. We have to interact with them a lot because spouse works with their dad and their dad is helping out house with construction.

But really their dad is just bad at communication and thinks his way of thinking is the best no matter what. But spouses mom thinks she's the hot shot smartest person in the room, and she's very manipulative.

Both of them are kind and respectful to me, but the way they treat my spouse and the stories I've heard makes me very upset

Y'all mothers day is this Sunday (in the US) and it will be my first one!!! I'm so happy I get to celebrate loving my baby ❤

My mom got us matching momma baby shirts with his name on it 💖💖💖