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Sakura Oreos

Yum 😍 the cookie is thin and the cream is not much, but its so tasty. The sakura cream is a welcomed new experience in my oreo. Not too sweet. Not bland. Just the right amount.

9/10 I bet my spouse will love it

Sakura Mochi Chocolate

I don't know how to feel about this. It is tasty. But I'm having trouble recognizing the flavor profile. I'm not used to the floral sakura flavor.And the Mochi texture is interesting in the chocolate. It is not bad or off putting, but it is rich and I don't think I could eat a bunch in one sitting


Rose Diamond and Pink Quartz - doodleboogle

Not too clever of naming convention and maybe the designs are sucky but im happy with this.

Essentially with my alternate reality and plot tweaking, I was thinking mostly on how Pink D/Rose Q's choices ended up affecting everyone in the long term.

The whole design swap is mostly routed in how in Change Your Mind when the diamonds kept talking about their hues and how it determines personality in gems, which made me think "maybe if Pink/Rose Q had cooler or darker pigmentation she'd have made different decisions"

I also atlered the crystal gem logo within the idea that maybe if Pink appreciated how gems literally dont grow and thus have to real frame of reference on how to treat others, maybe she'd at least consider giving the diamonds a chance in her life; or more likely help encourage positive change in them.

Theres obviously holes in how everything works still, but again im workshopping this as I go. As before please leave any questions/concerns in my inbox and I'll get them :)

My Wife is a Cryptid Prologue page 4

What would you do if you need a cryptid in the middle of the woods

Tokyo mew mew redraw

One of my starter animes is getting a reboot and i just : ' ) First ones from a few days ago and the other one if frommmmmmm 2018??? Woo!

Look at how cute this is!!!

Most of the puffs look like shrimps or something but a few of them are heart shaped 💖

Look at how cute this is!!!

Most of the puffs look like shrimps or something but a few of them are heart shaped 💖

Peach flavored caramel corn. Its a corn puffed treat with caramel flavored a peach aftertaste and a sting peach aroma.

Very good and tasty. Love it. Not quite "addictive" but definitely something that can be eaten in aa single sitting.

I would definitely go for this again and I'd like to try other flavors as well!

(Bean photo bomb)

Next Tokyo treattreat highlight! Cotton Candy! Or watagashi. It tastes like cotton Candy. It is a little denser than typical candy floss but otherwise its cotton Candy exactly!

Yum 😋

Also this package is adorable😍

Pink jellyfish

I think I'm just going to keep drawing jellyfish

Purple jellyfish

I made a jellyfish. I wish it looked better. They are so pretty. But I tried

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plum -

do you ever just wanna like eat the color pink

This was supposed to be a practice for pixel art, but I can hardly notice the pixels and I really got lazy halfway thru. Hope to see this tomorrow and like it enough to upload it as an art piece or something


A little redraw of a doodle I did last year. Dunno what type of witch she's suppose to be or if she's even a she, but I love this one!!!

doodle under rea more: