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painted some starter pokemon for my mom! made a lil tiktok process video too >X<

@naiad asked beenary: pikachu with 9

i did this very simply but.... i think its cute !!

my old tablet's USB port broke during the move and i was gonna wait until my birthday to replace it for myself but now i have a lot of inside time and i just want to draw

i keep telling myself to stop drawing wooper and then 2 min later im drawing wooper

naiad -

every day i hope for a new pokemon game like coliseum & gale of darkness

Daily drawing

If you like my art consider supporting me on Patreon or Ko-fi I'm trying to figure out my tiers on patreon but a $1 monthly pledge will get you access to my art feed as well as updates on things I'm working on Https://

Nidoqueen Colour Palette Challenge

Another redraw of Ken Sugimori art I really liked. For some reason they stopped depicting Nidoqueen with teeth after Gen 3 which is sad :c

some lil blue pokemon


lyrical -

i posted them very little yesterday and now i am going to post them very big today

Butterfree Colour Palette Challenge

Pastel Butterfree~

vii -

one of my oldest fursonas is a pokesona of one of the old 90s pokegods, which doesn't have a set look on account of uhhhhh not existing lmao.

names include corona mew, cyromew, cybermew, etc. i go with chronamew :3c

it was said to be an evolution of mew. fun fact! mew was added into the game late. like, right before release levels late. and few people actually knew it was even in the game to begin with, which is what started its truly legendary status!

i love mew can u tell

persephone -

espeon is the pokémon for bi girls and thats just the tea

phantomflame03 -

Sylveon is the Pokemon for trans people so write that down