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Sakura Oreos

Yum 😍 the cookie is thin and the cream is not much, but its so tasty. The sakura cream is a welcomed new experience in my oreo. Not too sweet. Not bland. Just the right amount.

9/10 I bet my spouse will love it

Hey look I did something crative for the first time in forever

Queen Fyora

Queen Fyora from Neopets ✨

Wealthy lady tiefling

Mainly an excuse to draw a bunch of gems and more tieflings!

coffee -

Sometimes you just gotta mix magics and fuck shit up

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Konno Yuuki - Art raffle prize

I reached 100 followers on twitter and celebrated with an art raffle. The winner was @GrissMarkon

x3 -

thiz iz rly simple 'lolita' clothing but still. *thinkz abt lolita clothing*

i liked the bg in the last one so i did another one real quick

Time: 10 minutes
Program: Autodesk Sketchbook (iPad)
Character: n/a

Music Vibe: My Name Is... by Once Monsters

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Mermay Day 2 - Northern Lights

bioluminescence fucks

sidh -

Blake is one of those characters whose design has taken me a few goes to get right

But I feel like I'm there now

MerMay Day 3 - Sunset+Ultra violet

Speedpaint: eeh coming eventually i dont have the energy to edit it yet oopss

Decided to combine the Pantone prompt with the other prompt I'm using. Turned out way better than expected even if it took forever lmfao

also all the painting portions were done on one layer and that was a bad life choice lmfao

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quarantine got me pulling out the stash of dollar store acrylics

Mermay Day 1 - Deep Sea

it is time!!!! this year im doing this cool color palette challenge (from @artes_da_nat on Insta)

artfight from last year characters name is freya

do you know what lives under the ocean?