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intrepid-inkweaver asked:

Phobos: What was your favorite song as a child?

Probably Potential Break Up Song by Ally and Aj. I listened to that song a lot and it still gives me good feelings. I liked a lot of songs as a kid with the criteria of "makes me feel something". This is the only one that comes to mind

naiad asked:

Hyperion: Do you have a favorite store/shop?

Well to be sad my favorite store USED to be Borders the book store,but that hasnt been around for a long time. there is a second hand book shop called the Dusty Bookshelf which i rather like. Or maybe Michael's because crafts make me happy.

intrepid-inkweaver asked:

For Arthea: What stereotypical group role does your character play in the party? (The Mom, the Mess, the Comic Relief, etc. Optionally: What role would your character play in the “Five Man Band” structure?)

For Theara: How far is your character willing to go to pursue the “greater good”? Do they believe in a greater good at all?

For Marigold: If your character knew that they were going to die in a month, how would they spend the rest of their life?

Arthea was the chaotic mess. She was a Bard of Glammar and literaly a rock star. I guess she would fit into the Leader role even though she wasn't the actual leader of the Dnd group. She was interested in her own goals and how her teammates could help her reach them. She always wanted the spotlight and got pissed if someone showed her up. She could be level headed if she needed to be and her morality was questionable.

Theara was LAWFUL NUETRAL. Before she became an adventurer she (and the rest of the party) was apart of a military scouting troup for the kingdom. She was second in comand and would follow her Commander (nicknamed Sempai) to where ever. He was in pursuit of the greater good that he could do for the world. So she followed him. I don't know if she believed in goodness, but she believed in him.

Also bonus information: Theara is the original character and Arthea is her mirrored counterpart.

This question for Marigold is a very loaded question. Short answer, become a necromantic mushroom hermit. Long answer....

At one point in our campaign she did die, but was resurected. Unfortunately something went wrong and she kept her memories from being dead which gave her nightmares each night. She was being persued by death. This led her to finding a facination with decay and death and such. She was a druid gained the circle of spores. She continued to look into necromancy and all sorts of macabre topics. At one point she found herself in the astral plane surounded by the shadows that haunted her dream. She ran into thier open arms. She was a care free spirit. Iloved playing her and losing her was very hard, but damn was she impulsive.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these characters. I love them all very much

babushka asked:

draw your favorite character in pijamas


babushka asked:

1 for Tix

1. Have they ever brought home a stray animal? If so, how did that go?

That would be a no. Tix doesn't have a lot of interest in animals. She's more of a 'wants to mess with people' sort of person. If she did bring home and animal it would 100% be for a prank of some kind.

intrepid-inkweaver asked:

12. What is something completely random about your OC that even you, as the writer, find confusing?

14. Your OC and their friends decides to go to a restaurant at 3am, what restaurant are they going to, and why are going to a restaurant at 3am?

12. Okay so Marigold started introducing herself as, "Hi I'm Marigold. I'm a squirrel." To the confusion of everyone. She is a squirrel shifter, but this means she has squirrel characteristics not an actual squirrel. This became such a cornerstone of her character. Funny thing is she hadnt seen a real squirrel until after she left her town.

14. So Captain Kane has horrible insomnia and loves sweet things. She would force her entire crew to go to IHop at 3 am because she got a sudden craving for pancakes. And even though the crew's cook, Lucia, could have made her pancakes Kane would insist that they go to IHop. No one fights her on it because it is 3am and she won't give up until they go.

naiad asked:

is it your birthday? Happy birthday!

Yes it was! Sorry I just saw this now. :D

Thank you😊

hasenfu asked:

Hi! :)

Did you find my blog because of the writing post? 👀

Or just randomly?

(can i say i LOVE the tag hatchling???)

I did! Someone had reblogged your post about writing. I felt interested enough to follow.

And thank you 😊 my online persona is a dragon so I felt hatchling was an accurate description for my child.

tiddywife-deactivated-2020AprThu-200409070409-499 asked:

do any of your ocs roller skate? or would any of them like it?

Marigold would 100% love to roller skate.

I think Arthia would like it too but pretend it was ironic.

And actually I have an OC who isnt on the list who does roller skate. Her name is Lizzie and she also skate boards and does other cool skate park sports. Wow I haven't thought about her in years

princeofdoom asked:

Silva and Marigold, and mun too if you want: What are some things you haven't achieved but hope to do in the future?

Silva: I want to own my own boxing gym. The last group I was in closed down due to corrupt and the big boss disappeared.

Marigold: so unfortunately being "dead" I can't do anything in the future. But!!! If I am able to play in another campaign I'd like to start my own druid circle. And also be friends with everyone! And and and figure out my cool mushroom powers

Mun: it would be great to finish a story I've been thinking of and started/restarted a million times.

opportunity asked:


after the opening sequence, what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

Explore! I'm going to want a good idea of how the island is laid out before I start messing with it.

do you have a name for your island yet?

Not yet! I'm working on a few, but I'll probably do something pretty or a reference To a video game location.

witchesflower asked:

🌿 do you have a preferred grass pattern? and ⛺ where are you going to pitch your tent? :3c

Okay tbh I did not know that grass pattern was a thing in the games. I actually had to look it up.😂 I think I like the triangles best!

I'm going to pitch my tent near the river and close to where it empties into the ocean.

crownedwithwisteria asked:


Favorite weather

- I love cloudy warm days with a slightly chilly breeze.the kind you get before a storm. It feels like a memory I'm trying to grasp but can't quite though its from a past life.

Early bird or night owl

I can do both! If I'm up for it I can be awake by 7am and I'm good to go. But I like staying up until at least midnight. My favorite time of day is both dawn and dusk. I love those between times

And the moon 😍 the moon is my favorite

babushka asked:

i like how you're so positive about your baby! people like to talk how having kids is ruining their life and how much work it is but you're so positive about hanging out with your baby (how it should be i guess?) it's great tbh.

(Going to go a little tmi in reference to pregnancy and general baby care)

Also super long post under the cut

He is my joy! I have literally wanted a child since I was 4. And not just in the "oh babies are cute I want one" like how a child would want a doll, I was serious about it.

I would play a game where I was pregnant and went to the hospital to give birth (usually as a C-section because my friends and I didn't understand vagina stuff yet.)

I changed my baby brother's diapers (I think I was 5 when this happened). I had asked my mom for permission to do this.

I worked with infants when I was 16-19(?) Years old. And I was so happy to do so because I knew the experience would make me a better parent in the future. I was shocked when it was suggested that the experience would make me never want to have kids.

I have zero issues with poop or pee and actually forget that other people don't want to hear about such while they eat (my poor husband deals with this all the time). So gross baby stuff doesn't phase me at all.

As a teenager I would fantasize about BEING Pregnant! Literally everytime id have my period I would think about how this was preparation for giving birth.

When I was actually in labor the two things I was able to say were "pain medication" and "I want to see my baby" that last line is what kept me sane through that horrible process.

I could go on and on but to close this out is I have waited and trained my whole life to be a care giver and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

Plus my baby is so cute y'all 😭😍 what could be better

naiad asked:

your jellyfish art is so nice that it makes me want to give drawing jellies an attempt too! I love the color scheme you used :3

Thank you. I was trying to mimic a piece of art I loved but haven't been able to find recently. It was kind of drawing with feeling instead of anything else.

I just love jellyfish. I think they are so pretty

wittywallflower asked:

Linen, coconut, rosemary

linen: what's one quirk about you that no one else seems to get?

*gestures at autism* But I guess specifically echolalia. People get unnerved by vocal repetition but its one of my favorite stubs. I don't do it as often anymore due to issues during my childhood but ya its a thing.

coconut: what's the most surprising thing that's happened to you this week?

So my wedding anniversary was Sunday. My husband and I went to a murder mystery dinner party. We got two awards. The first for getting dead last in guessing the murder. The other was best actor portrayed during the performance.

rosemary: what's something good about you that even your worst enemy would have to agree with?

I am kind. I do my best to make everyone feel comfortablecomfortable. I am unlikely to be rude or abrasive with people even if don't care for them. I am pleasent. At least I like to think so.

witchesflower asked:

Daffodil, Freesia, Petunia!

Daffodil: What instrument(s) do you play?

So I don't play it anymore but in grade school I played the clarinet. I 100% can't play it anymore but I enjoyed it for awhile.

Freesia: Do you prefer soft or rough textures?

So in general I prefer soft textures except when it comes to velvet. I hate the feeling of velvet. It causes a painful physical reaction that no other texutures do. I like rough texutres okay also.

Petunia: Do you have any pets? Tell me about them!

Yes! Technically she is my husbands cat but she has accpeted me as a human in her house. Her name is Samantha P. Cat but we just call her Kitty. She is fluffy and soft and blonde with green/yellow eyes. She is the most loving and docile cat I have ever met. In fact she is the only cat I've met who has actually liked me!

She has a sad origin story :( Her previous family (who declawed her) left her out in the streets and moved away. She took shelter under my husband's car (this was while he was in highschool a few years before we met). My husband's family planned to find a home for her elsewhere but she attached herself to my husband and decided that he was her human. She has been living happily ever since.

She does have separation anxiety/abandonment issues so whenever my husband has to be gone from the house for multiple days (like on business trips or if we go on vacation) she gets very upset and will meow at us until her voice is horse when we come home.

I love her very much!

tiddywife-deactivated-2020AprThu-200409070409-499 asked:

Basil, Red Carnation, Maidenhair!!!

Basil: Do you like to cook?

I love to cook! It is one of my favorite things in life! I don't always have the energy for it but when I do I go all out. And apparently I'm good at it too because everyone I've cooked for has eaten everything. I'm still learning (especially with meats) but I've come far from just making pasta and store bought sauce (I actually made my own meat sauce this week!).

Red Carnation: How are you feeling?

pretty good. My baby turned 3 months old today!

Maidenhair: What's your favorite outdoor activity?

It seems simple but I love to go on walks. I haven't gone as often as I used to since my baby was born so I'm hoping to get back into that sometime soon (before the weather turns cold). But I really do love going on walks. And it might seem morbid but I often go on walks in the graveyards near my house. they are quiet and peacful and beautiful places to walk. Not only that but my great grandparents are buried in one of them so I can visit them on my walks

peachy-queer asked:

✉️Do they have a working postal system? How is it run? (and/or)

👓What kind of disability aids are commonly available?

1) It depends on where you are in the world. The setting is of no specific time in a fantasy land. Among the plant people they send messages through the trees and have no need for written letters.

The furred folk are more human in their society and tend to be in rural areas so written corrispondence is important. There is no postal service set up by the government though. You have to either hire someone to carry your letter or run it yourself. And as cars are not a thing and riding animals are expensive you have to rely on your own two feet to get around for the most part.

I'm unsure how certain other groups and civilisations would work it oout as the focus of my story and plot revolves around the two mentioned races.

2) Things like canes and glasses show up typically. You know what? This is not actuallysomething I had explored yet and obviously I should.

An Anonymous user asked:

i started following you bc you were closer to my age than a lot of other folks here, and because i liked your about lol

aww thank you! Ya, there are a lot of younger folk on here. Glad you liked my about. I haven't looked at it lately and it probably needs some more updating

So in going to answer this with My Sims characters because o remember them better lol

9: favorite character? Yuki! Her design is fun. Her personality is ridiculous and adorable. I'm always excited when I see her show up in the games.

10: Least favorite character? I guess Roger. I really don't like his design. He isn't very fun. And tbh when I see him I often think they could have used a better sim for whatever situation he is in.

vii asked:

oh that dress is so cute!! it looks like... watermelon.... so cute!

That is actually why I got it! I thought the design was really cute and it fits my body shape well and it is super comfortable to wear. It was also really aforadable. I just love this dress so much!

nap asked:

Happy birthday!!! hope your day is going well so far

Thank you! It has been okay. I'm just home by myself with my baby. BUT I'll get to go to dinner with my family so that will be nice :D

aurenfaie asked:

Happy Birthday!! :D

Thank you!!! ^__^

vii asked:

rā whānau, e hoa!! happy birthday, friend, i hope you have a tremendous day!

Thank you! I'm going to have dinner with my family. I'm excited :D