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I'm not saying I'm a bit obsessed with Aurelius but I kinda am

Describe your Dnd character with a meme

My halfling storm cleric Anri

ID: A doctor in a lab coat and glasses holding a gun. The bottom text says "I'm a healer but..."

Wealthy lady tiefling

Mainly an excuse to draw a bunch of gems and more tieflings!

another npc token, this time both the best thing I'll ever draw and accidentally satisfying all my dm's expectations and having him not request a single change

this is keeper and he has cat beans for feet (not pictured)

megafauna -

anybody in this building ever think about tieflings

here's my dnd self-insert/tieflingsona! im lov them

true-neutral sorcerer traveling on a quest to learn more about where their powers came from

(they also have a staff and a cool-looking cloak but i haven't designed those yet)