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Sabella Fire-Soul and Bryn Aiden Blaire comics. For some reason I never snanned the second one, that's why it looks so shitty.

Out of all the character relationships I've created over the years, Sabella and Bryn probably have my favourite dynamic. My Disaster-Platonic-Soulmates <3

And in case anyone can't read the dialogue:

First panel:

Sabella: "You! You're the one that's been doing this!"

Bryn: "Uhhh...What?"

Second panel:

Bryn: I was really looking forward to that movie. Do you think we could go tomorrow?"

Third panel:

Bryn: "Disconnect you stupid bastard!!"

Sabella, on the phone: "You're still connected Bryn."

Bryn: *incoherent cursing*

Sabella: "Still connected..."

Fourth panel:

Bryn, singing: "Silver bells, Silver bells..."

Sabella, continuing to sing: "It's Christmas time in the city..."

First panel, second page:

Bryn: "My name's Bryn, if you were wondering."

Sabella: "I wasn't."

Second panel:

Bryn: "My name is Bryn Blaire, but everyone thinks it's Bryan Blaine."

Sabella: "Ooo, sounds frustrating."

Third panel:

Bryn: "How am I supposed to go anywhere with you when you refuse to dress up?"

Sabella: "We're not going to a five-star restaurant, Bryn, we're going to a bar."

Fourth panel:

Bryn: "Hi Sabella!"

Sabella: "RUN YOU IDIOT!"

Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time scene redraw

Just a couple of uploads from my Insta that are decent, and then I'll post more recent stuff

I've been wanting to do a comic with my OC Poppy, and im finally starting it. This is just a wip of something.

Hey look I did something crative for the first time in forever

sketch of ~the great and powerful~ trixie! i love her.


Dunno, I wanted to try stuff with my paint markers

I don't think I ever posted this anywhere--probably because I don't think it turned out very well--but here is a drawing I originally started for Inktober last year of my druid, Zel. I ended up getting bored of the ink and attempted to shade it. The shading turned out...Meh. I don't think there's enough contrast, so it just looks really flat. I probably should have colored it.

painted some starter pokemon for my mom! made a lil tiktok process video too >X<

sidh -

Blake is one of those characters whose design has taken me a few goes to get right

But I feel like I'm there now

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quarantine got me pulling out the stash of dollar store acrylics

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Celeste from Animal Crossing!

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Trying to make myself practice art more ♥

C.J. and Flick

I think it's obvious but I ship those two!

I got inspired by the fairy dress one of my sims was wearing and starting drawing a dress!!! This looks nothing like the fairy dress, because I just did my own original thing (by pulling some more inspiration from victorian gowns and bats and vampires). After I drew the dress I drew a person too! And coloured some of it!!

I can see some imperfections now that it's done, but that's what learning is all about! Seeing the imperfections and improving them!

Tabitha aka Tabby Final

Sorry for the Tabby Spam, but again I'm not.

Image Description: a ink an marker drawing of a heavy set cat-woman who is dressed in a button up shirt, pinstripe pants, and a red tie and belt. Her skin is pale pink, and her tail and hair are the same stripped brown.

pilica-creative asked:

D would you draw a dragon as a kid/hatchling?

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Baby dragon!

This was so fun to draw, thanks for the suggestion!

So I really like Subnautica. Peepers are my favorite fish from that game. I also really liked Jacksepticeye's play through so I made Sam into a fish as well

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decided to draw my fave dbz boy 💘