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A raffle prize for Junée on Chicken Smoothie. c:

chicory -

We should start depicting unicorns as goats and cows as well again.

chicory -

wait were unicorbs ever depicted as pigs because imagine a boar with an enormous fuck you narwhal horn on its forehead that sounds fuckimg terrifying and majestic

angelina-hr -

Hello scary new site :'D

About high time I actually say something here ain't it? So hi hello, I go by Hikka and can be found as either Glitteratigalaxy or galacticdoodle, depending on character limits. :P I am primarily a digital artist and merch designer! Done a few cons here and there, all my work is done on a iPad Pro 11 with a gen 2 apple pencil and Clip Studio Paint EX! I take inspirations from a looooot of Shoujo manga (Sailor Moon being my biggest influence), little bit of Mucha and pastel goodness. If it's girls and glitter it's all me~~

Otherwise, other personal tidbits

  • She/They pronouns are cool with me

  • Lesbian

  • 28 soon to be 29 (yuck)

  • I love cats, I have one and he is a ginger gremlin

  • I never sleep (send help pls)

  • Terrible at talking to people, pls forgive me

  • Would love to meet and make more art friends!! Yes I know you see the above.

  • Really loves citypop

  • Would eat pizza everyday if my gf allowed me to

Also you'll be able to find my other links in my "more places to find me" section. I'll post more work soonish probably.


not a lot of options but it sure is cute